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Reveal : Cabin Pantry

Hey-O! I spent a little time at the cabin this week waiting for a special delivery and I was able to wrap up the pantry. We’ve been planning and working on the pantry here and there since the beginning of the new year. If you need a refresher on the plan, check out this post. We are playing musical chairs with our three entry closets at the cabin and we have transformed the closet closest to the kitchen into what we think is a highly functional pantry closet... READ MORE
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Hey! I’m back for part two of my office refresh. Redesigning my office space was part of my plan for a fresh start to the New Year. I wanted to start 2020 on the right foot, and for me a big part of that was getting my office space whipped into shape. I had given it an update a few years ago, but I’ve learned since then that the functionally the space wasn’t working for me, and it wasn’t inspiring. There was a lack of storage and things I used on a regular basis seemed to pile up. It was necessary that I create a system to keep my office clean, uncluttered and inspiring. READ MORE
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Cute Cleaning Supplies

I've been on one lately. Ever since the beginning of the year I've been crushing my organization and cleaning goals. It feels great, I'm finally on the side of the fence where I feel like I'm keeping my stuff organized and tidy, and just knowing that everything has a place makes me feel great. We had made it to a point of being in our home for so long (10 years now!) that there were tons of random tiny piles. To get rid of junk and to find place for things that are important and worthy has lifted such a weight... READ MORE
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Being that it's the last day in January, I wanted to squeeze in a post about my plans for an upcoming organizational project. I know you have all heard of "spring cleaning" but honestly, what gets me through the middle and end of winter are indoor organizational projects. For me it helps to combat some of the SAD feelings and gives me some control - I can't control the weather, but I can make my environment work for me... READ MORE
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