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I’ve been on one lately. Ever since the beginning of the year I’ve been crushing my organization and cleaning goals. It feels great, I’m finally on the side of the fence where I feel like I’m keeping my stuff organized and tidy, and just knowing that everything has a place makes me feel great. We had made it to a point of being in our home for so long (10 years now!) that there were tons of random tiny piles. To get rid of junk and to find place for things that are important and worthy has lifted such a weight. I know that we all know that cleaning will make us feel good, but the motivation can be hard to come by. Seriously, sometimes getting the inspiration to clean and tidy can be such a mind game. You understand that cleaning up your mess will feel amazing, but how do you start? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that – basically you just have to decide – and I do think it’s that simple, deciding is just hard. So how about I get you motivated whether you’re a seasoned cleaning vet, or just need a kick in the pants (like I did). Here is a bunch of good looking cleaning supplies! It might just be what you need to get you on the cleaning wagon.

On a side note, one of the closets we plan on reorganizing before the summer is our supply closet, and I’ve been on the hunt for cleaning supplies that look good and do the job.

Also, can I just say that everybody loves to talk about their Dyson’s, but the Miele Vacuum is where it’s at. We have one at our home and cabin and they are the best vacuums ever, plus they don’t come in all those crazy colors.

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  • Roxie February 28, 2020

    Yes to the Miele vacuum! Seriously doesn’t miss a crumb and so many settings for every floor type! I grew up with one (and my Mom still has it) and couldn’t wait to get my own as an adult!

    • Scoops February 28, 2020

      I also love that this is a vacuum that can last a very long time and can be easily repaired so you don’t have to replace it! I’m all for buying quality appliances that you can always find replacement parts for.

  • Sarah February 28, 2020

    Yes! Another vote of Miele. It works so much better than any other vacuum I’ve tried. Worth the investment by far!

  • Kelsey February 28, 2020

    Have you been to Flotsam & Fork or Show & Tell? Both on Chicago Ave. They have a great assortment of wooden household items!

    • Scoops March 2, 2020

      I have not been in it, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. I stop in on that coffee shop on the corner to work often. I’ll pop in next time I’m over there.

  • Michelle February 29, 2020

    This sounds ridiculous but we have 3 vacuums: a Roomba, a Miele, and a Dyson stick. Our house is only 1,400 sq ft but we have mountain bikes and enthusiastic cooks and a dog. For a deep clean (and if I had to give up the others) the Miele’s where it’s at. But we have no storage space on the main floor so use the Roomba (docks behind the couch… but gosh the robot is rather dumb) and Dyson (easy to bring up & down basement) more often.

    • Scoops March 2, 2020

      Tell me about your Roomba, besides that it’s dumb. Is it worth it? We are considering one, but it’s a pretty big investment.
      PS I love how you described your enthusiastic cook, I have one of those too – his name is the messy chef.

      • Michelle March 3, 2020

        On Roombas, I bought the less-than-latest version so it was ~$250. Not cheap, but almost half the price of the latest. When I have it set to run every day (far more than I would ever vacuum by hand), the floors are cleaner and summer barefoot just feels better. Mine gets stuck at least once during its the run on a certain wire-leg chair, but it still feels so indulgent to get up from the couch to free the robot serf. Newer versions might be smarter at getting or staying out of traps, but I’m too cheap to find out. This was the Roomba 560 in 2015, by the way, so we’re going on six years of occasional use.

        I wonder if you can borrow one temporarily from a friend or a Buy Nothing group?

        Messy chefs are the best chefs!

        • Scoops March 9, 2020

          Thanks for the Reply, Michelle! Okay, I am becoming more and more convinced. My brother has one, maybe he’ll let me take it for a test drive. I love a clean floor, and don’t always have the time to vacuum. Thanks for the recommendation.

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