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Getting Kids Involved in Gardening

Hey, Pals! It's no secret that I am so excited to get out in the yard. Not having dirty hands every day is just killing me. The only thing that can really be done this time of year is getting raised beds ready for the coming season, so I'm doing it! We started our raised bed gardens three years ago. Back then Finn was three and was finally old enough to want to be involved in helping outdoors. That spring Finn and I built our first raised bed, added soil, planted seeds and tended to it READ MORE
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My March Garden

Sedum Yes, okay, it's a few days late but I'm happy to share with you my 2nd ever March garden post, and for the record I did snap these photos on the 31st. This is only the second time of the six gardening seasons we've had that there have actually been plants popping out of the earth at the end of March. I know what I'm sharing isn't amazingly beautiful or anything, but in comparison to my April post last year I have similar sized perennials 30 days early. That makes READ MORE
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Thinking About : The Garden

Astilbe I've never grown Astible in the garden. Its flowers are so feathery and the foliage is reminiscent of ferns. It comes in array of colors and sizes and prefers the shade. I think it could look really stunning mixed in with the hostas on the shady side of the backyard garden. This spring will mark the beginning of my sixth gardening season. All of the plants in the garden are mature now, and the garden and flower beds have really filled in. I can't even tell you how much I love to READ MORE
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Veggie Garden Planning!

  Pssst, hover your cursor over the garden drawing Yo Guys! It's Veggie Garden Planning season! Planning the coming year's veggie garden with the kids has become my ultimate favorite sign of spring. Finn and I started this tradition four gardening seasons ago back in 2012. Gus was merely a little-dude-baby back then and Finn and I did this as a way to have Mom & Finn time. Although Finn is not the worlds biggest vegetable fan, he has always been very enthusiastic READ MORE
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Sowing Seeds Indoors

Hey! Guess what? This is going to be my first official post of the year for Ace Hardware! I'm sincerely so, so excited to be working with them - I just love my neighborhood Ace Hardware store, and I feel really fortunate to be teaming up in a brand that I truly adore and use all the time. I'm madly excited for spring, and I wanted to write a post to share with you guys on indoor seed sowing. Sowing seeds indoors is one of my cures for the winter blues - there's nothing like a little seed READ MORE
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