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My July Garden

Veggies Hello, Friendz! As I mentioned earlier this summer, my garden has had a rough go of it this season. The side garden was torn up and trampled by worker dudes, the veggie garden couldn't be accessed for maintenance due to piles of dirt next to them, and I lost my Japanese maple. Yes, I am sad to announce that the maple is officially a goner. Happily, I did replace it with a new Empire I Japanese maple and I planted it in a different location. I have my fingers READ MORE
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Cut Flowers From The Garden

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a sweet weekend. I spent mine painting our basement like I was born to do it. Even though I spent so much time in the basement, I made it a priority to get in some of quality time in the garden, one of my first times being able to do so all summer. I spent the good part of a day cleaning out my overgrown lettuce garden, weeding, and repairing and reseeding the lawn where it had been damaged during the egress window installation. I feel much better about where things READ MORE
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My June Garden

huchera It's been an up and down sort of gardening season. What I thought was going to be a piece-of-cake established garden has been anything but. Things have been dying this year, specifically the Japanese maple, but I also lost phlox, clematis, coneflower, and a few iris. I've been replacing what I can here and there, in addition to adding a few new perennials to the mix as well. I've replaced the Bloodgood Japanese maple with an Empire I Japanese maple. I planted READ MORE
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My May Garden

Peonies Hope you guys are all having a good hump day. It's the last week of school for the kiddos so things are about to get buck. Anyway, before the chaos beings let me share my May garden pics with you. I guess I have a thing for purple and pink this year, after seeing all my spring flowering perennials laid out here in my May garden post, it's pretty obvious. I was so happy to see the gardens this spring, especially since a few of my fav spring flowers (like the READ MORE
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Planting a Tree

Hey guys! We did some adding and subtracting in the yard over the weekend. We added a new tree and removed an old concrete column that was located at the base of our back stairs. I had the luxury of having a broken hand and wrist, so I couldn't help out (it killed me). My kid, my neighbor and my husband jumped in to plant a new tree in our backyard - aren't they some good dudes, er what? Why do we need a new tree? Simple, to create more privacy. We have a rental on the side of our house READ MORE
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