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My June Garden

Window Boxes Guys! July is the craziest month for me, I know I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks, I know I've had photos sitting on my camera for nearly as long. My boys both have birthdays this month, combined with long holiday weekends and cabin adventures, theres just no time left to say "whazzup" to you dudes. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer timez. Things are going pretty great over here at casa Allen. I'm typing this from the beach - My weekday READ MORE
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My May Garden

Ruby Tears Crab Apple I know I'm a little late on the May Garden post, but I promise, I took these photos right at the end of the month. It actually works out really nicely that this post got pushed back because it lands on my favorite gardener's birthday, my Ma (aka SugarMommaD)! She has instilled in me the love of gardening and nurturing schtuff, and she's so fortunate to be able to celebrate her birthday during the most perfect and beautiful time of the gardening season. READ MORE
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Perennials : Allium

What up my gardening budz? I hope that you're ready for an intense amount of perennial posts, as I've got lots of late spring loveliness blooming in my garden at the moment. Let me start with Allium which is brand new to me. Allium (aka basically an onion flower) is my new fav. This has been a great way for me to add a lot of architectural interest to my flower beds without needing to take up a whole lotta space. This particular Allium plant boasts a ridiculously large purple pom that floats READ MORE
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Perennials : Solomon’s Seal

Gardening budz! I'm popping in to share a shade loving favorite and a recent bloomer from my yard, Solomon's Seal. This one is rather new to me, I took my first little shoot from my mom's house two growing seasons ago. Since then, it has become one of my favorite signs of spring, and I enjoy it's variegated foliage and staggered leaves in my shady garden all summer long. I have my Solomon's Seal tucked in a shady area with some hosta and ferns, and because the Solomon's Seal has a bit of height READ MORE
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Tips for Choosing Foundation Garden Plants

I took sometime to think about what I needed and came up with this basic plan (above) before I went out shopping. Alright, so my spreadsheet-obsessed-husband is rubbing off on me, I've been wanting to put a 'zone 4' plant database together, including all of the crucial info such as their height, width, color, water needs, sun needs, etc. Guess what you guys? Monrovia already did that! I actually spent quite a bit of time looking through plant catalog using their database, you can find it READ MORE
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