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Perennials : Solomon’s Seal

Gardening budz! I'm popping in to share a shade loving favorite and a recent bloomer from my yard, Solomon's Seal. This one is rather new to me, I took my first little shoot from my mom's house two growing seasons ago. Since then, it has become one of my favorite signs of spring, and I enjoy it's variegated foliage and staggered leaves in my shady garden all summer long. I have my Solomon's Seal tucked in a shady area with some hosta and ferns, and because the Solomon's Seal has a bit of height READ MORE
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Tips for Choosing Foundation Garden Plants

I took sometime to think about what I needed and came up with this basic plan (above) before I went out shopping. Alright, so my spreadsheet-obsessed-husband is rubbing off on me, I've been wanting to put a 'zone 4' plant database together, including all of the crucial info such as their height, width, color, water needs, sun needs, etc. Guess what you guys? Monrovia already did that! I actually spent quite a bit of time looking through plant catalog using their database, you can find it READ MORE
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My April Garden

Sedum Hey! It's April garden share time! Right now I am in the thick of getting the flower beds ready for the summer. The spring always seems like a mad dash to edit and rearrange flower beds, divide a few perennials and mulch before the heart (and the heat) of the summer really begin. The front yard and foundation gardens are basically mud since getting our new stoop, and I have been focusing most a lot of my time on getting grass growing and the flower beds whipped READ MORE
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Perennials : Bleeding Heart

Remember how I was doing that indoor plant feature-thing throughout the last few months? I decided to extend it into the summer, sharing my favorite perennial plants, and then getting back to featuring indoor plants again in the fall. The idea is that I'd talk about perennials from my garden as they are blooming, that way you guys can get a feel for how I choose plants and edit my flower beds - and maybe even apply it to your own. I'll be including all important info like the size of the plant, READ MORE
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Soaker Hose Irrigation System

Guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it just turned spring here, like yesterday, and I haven't been able to do anything except stare at small green things that are growing in my yard. It makes for very boring blog talk. However, I have been up to a few little projects that you guys might be interested in, like creating a new irrigation system for ma raised bed gardens, installing landscape lighting in my backyard, and watching some very hard working dudes build me new front steps. READ MORE
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