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Fence Plans

Hey, Guys! I have to say it's feeling a lot more like spring around here. We finally had some nice warm sunny days. The eight inches of snow we had acquired last Thursday is nearly gone. I can see grass, finally! All these signs of spring mean one thing to us Allens, the new horizontal slatted fence will be getting installed soon, I am so excited. I posted some fence inspiration a few months ago, and shared with you guys that we were dead-set on getting a new fence this summer. At that point we had just started talking about what we wanted, but hadn't met with any actual real life contractors or made any real decisions. Since then we have come up with a full plan for our yard and have hired Fencein Deck to build us a really great horizontal slatted fence. Fencein Deck seemed like a good fit for us. They are a very friendly team, they use quality products, and most importantly, they let me customize the crap out of a new fence. Our friends Nicole and Ripp used them last year for their new fence and couldn't recommend them enough, it was an easy choice for us. BTW - Nicole and Ripp have a horizontal fence and it looks awesome. We had a lot of concerns going into this whole fence thing. For one, here in Minnesota you have to have "the pretty" side of the fence face outwards, the posts need to be on the interior side of the fence. I understand why this is a rule, you don’t want to piss off your neighbors. But, selfishly it is kind of a bummer. Our fence guy had a plan though, this wasn't his first rodeo. Get the Scoop [...]
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4 Year Recap – Part 4

Garden - Spring 2008 Can I start by saying how great you guys all are? I received so many comments of encouragement and understanding on my last post. It was good to share with you and hear that we all have bad days. Something I know, obviously, but when you're really feeling low it helps to know that you you're not alone. Seriously so many THANKS! Onward..I was going to save this recap for the last installment (there are five total) but I thought I would go ahead and share it with you today. If you're local, you're gonna need this post to carry you though the next 24 hours. The 8-14" of snow we are to be receiving soon is highly untyte. We need to think positive! Today I want to share with you my garden and exterior home improvements. When we saw the house for the first time everything was almost perfect, the kitchen was lacking, there was wood trim and paneling, but I could get over those things, I could see the positives. The house had a great layout, lots of room, and of course the porches. I knew we could make that bad stuff better. BUT then there was the exterior and garden. The house was covered in asbestos siding, trimmed with mint green awnings matched with a mint foundation and roof and dark peach steps. The yard boasted a green fence, a pee stained lawn and a giant rock garden. Every girls dream, not. How was I supposed to look past that? My first mission after moving in was to whip the yard and exterior of this house into shape. I accomplished a lot by the end Get the Scoop [...]
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Veggie Garden Planning!

  Pssst, hover your cursor over the garden drawing   I'm not even going to acknowledge the fact that I woke this morning to temperatures that were pretty dissful for nearly March. Let's just pretend spring is happening now! Let's talk about that instead, okay? Finn and I were pretending that spring was already here when we started planning this seasons veggie garden, so there, take that winter. This is our 3rd year of tending to a raised bed garden. If you're interested here are the links to years one & two. Every year we learn a little more about what grows well in our garden, what grows poorly, what we love, and what we don't like to eat. The first year it became obvious very quickly that tomatoes were not thrilled with the amount of sunlight on this side of the house, last year we realized that our peas need a trellis to grow on, and although I would love to grow cabbage, it wasn't even close to being fully grown by the time the first frost came around. All that trial and error makes us better gardeners (hopefully). We adjust what we order seasonly based on our growing (ha, pun) knowledge. This year we are eliminating purple green beans, because the kids think they are weird an don't eat them, instead we are adding more "regular" green beans. Swiss Chard is getting the axe because although it was beautiful, even us grown ups didn't eat it. Instead, we are adding a bunch of new stuff, because as you may have noticed above there is an addition being added to the garden Get the Scoop [...]
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Thinking About : Fences

1 | 2 Hey, Guys! The old man (aka Jeff) and I have a house-to-do-list chocked full of big ideas, budgets and timelines. If all goes according to plan, we'll be getting a new backyard fence this summer. It's a big landscaping year and I am so excited! I just recently started day dreaming about fencing options. Looking at fences, backyards and gardens has been a great cure for my winter hangover, I'm getting excited for spring and feel like I can confidently say that it will happen... someday! A little background info: We currently have a four foot fence around the backyard, and it's great, especially with the kids. The current fence isn't anything special though, it's a simple chain link fence with green plastic slats. Let's just say that I've been trying my hardest to ignore it for the past four years. Our house is sandwiched in between two rental properties, not ideal, but we live in the city and it is what it is. One of the rental properties is owner occupied and we are lucky to have a fantastic relationship with that neighbor. Unfortunately, the full time rental property doesn't make for the best neighbors. Over the years we have had been lucky enough to have some super friendly neighbors as next-door-tenants, but there has also been some really awful ones. Since we have no control of our ever changing neighbors, we'd like to build a privacy fence on that side of the yard, maintaining the four foot fence around the rest of the backyard. I have concerns about building a six-foot privacy fence; Get the Scoop [...]
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Think Warm Thoughts

Yo, guys! Holy crap, it’s -17º here right now in MPLS with a -41º windchill. When the weather was this cold two weeks ago I was sure that would be the worst of it for the rest of the winter, you know, something to feel like I checked off the old "I made it through this GD winter list". That's something us Midwesterners are good at, looking at the bright side of a bad situation. "It's only -1,000,000º today and I can't leave my house because my face will freeze off!" Too bad I was so so wrong about the last cold snap being the worst of it - I'm longing for single, or even - dare I say it, double digit temps. After the new year, winter becomes a mind game, and we have to have small victories in order to feel like we are advancing towards spring. Half the country is experiencing colder than normal temps today and since it's all about making the best out of a bad situation, I thought I would warm up your day with this little nugget. If you’ve got a flower garden it’s time to think about ordering seeds! That’s right guys, seeds! Doesn’t that make your day a little better? I’m sharing this good news with you because last year I waited until March and a few of my favorite flower seeds were already sold out. I know it's not even February, but get your seed order in today and have something pretty to look forward to! I have favorites for my yard, both pictured above. I love Zinnias and Dahlias for my sunny spots. Both make great cut flowers and are so easy to grow. Both come in a variety of heights, Get the Scoop [...]
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