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My May Garden

Peonies Hope you guys are all having a good hump day. It's the last week of school for the kiddos so things are about to get buck. Anyway, before the chaos beings let me share my May garden pics with you. I guess I have a thing for purple and pink this year, after seeing all my spring flowering perennials laid out here in my May garden post, it's pretty obvious. I was so happy to see the gardens this spring, especially since a few of my fav spring flowers (like the READ MORE
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Planting a Tree

Hey guys! We did some adding and subtracting in the yard over the weekend. We added a new tree and removed an old concrete column that was located at the base of our back stairs. I had the luxury of having a broken hand and wrist, so I couldn't help out (it killed me). My kid, my neighbor and my husband jumped in to plant a new tree in our backyard - aren't they some good dudes, er what? Why do we need a new tree? Simple, to create more privacy. We have a rental on the side of our house READ MORE
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My April Garden

Bleeding Heart Guys! My hand is still ruined, but I'm not going to stop it from sharing my April garden with you. I still can't do anything unless I use my left hand only, which has been problematic for a lot of things; like putting your hair in a pony tail, driving, writing to-do lists, and buttering toast. However my left hand still does just fine at getting cocktails to my mouth, so I am learning how to survive. Today I get my cast and will find out how long my sentence READ MORE
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Getting Kids Involved in Gardening

Hey, Pals! It's no secret that I am so excited to get out in the yard. Not having dirty hands every day is just killing me. The only thing that can really be done this time of year is getting raised beds ready for the coming season, so I'm doing it! We started our raised bed gardens three years ago. Back then Finn was three and was finally old enough to want to be involved in helping outdoors. That spring Finn and I built our first raised bed, added soil, planted seeds and tended to it READ MORE
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My March Garden

Sedum Yes, okay, it's a few days late but I'm happy to share with you my 2nd ever March garden post, and for the record I did snap these photos on the 31st. This is only the second time of the six gardening seasons we've had that there have actually been plants popping out of the earth at the end of March. I know what I'm sharing isn't amazingly beautiful or anything, but in comparison to my April post last year I have similar sized perennials 30 days early. That makes READ MORE
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