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Sowing Seeds Indoors

Hey! Guess what? This is going to be my first official post of the year for Ace Hardware! I'm sincerely so, so excited to be working with them - I just love my neighborhood Ace Hardware store, and I feel really fortunate to be teaming up in a brand that I truly adore and use all the time. I'm madly excited for spring, and I wanted to write a post to share with you guys on indoor seed sowing. Sowing seeds indoors is one of my cures for the winter blues - there's nothing like a little seed READ MORE
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Not Killing a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Rollover the above image for the BEFORE Hey. So, I discovered something on the internet that has really gotten to me. This may be an indication that I'm getting super old and becoming naive to new things on the internet, but I just visited (GOMI) for the first time. I came across the 'Decorating Bloggers' section and I realized that some people really expect a lot out of the old internets, and get pissed at it and the writers of it without much hesitation or regard. Thankfully, READ MORE
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Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Friends! Just wanted to give you a little fiddle leaf fig (aka ficus lyrata) update. Both my fiddle leaf figs (1 and 2) have grown tons this summer, it's is really exciting watching new leafs appear all the time. One of my figs (the younger one) really began growing rapidly from the center stalk. It was actually starting to look a bit funny, like an awkward gangly teen (as you can see in the above photo). I really want to encourage my tree to take on a more rounded shape so I decided to do READ MORE
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My July Garden

Side Garden Hey Guys! I've been so busy lately, sorry if I am late to the show on the July Garden. I know it's August and all, but I promise, all these photos are from July. The garden has been really grown into itself this year. There is always something new blooming, colors look good together and all the plants are nice and filled in. I am really, really proud of it. Let me show you around and you can see what's blooming this month.   Asiatic READ MORE
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Gardening Basics : Dividing Perennials

Yo, Friends! Did you know that you can divide perennials? It actually often helps to keep your perennials healthy and has the added benefit of making new plants! I recently went through my garden and split off a chunk of my perennials for my good pal Nicole (aka Colz). She recently dug up a section of her yard to make a sunny perennial border garden - she needed some plants to help fill it in. I told her to come on over! I had some perennials that were getting big and in need of a good READ MORE
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