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The Sunroom – It’s Done.

--> Guys! I did it! I finally pulled the sunroom together, and I think it looks pretty awesome! After living in our house for four years it finally feels like we are starting to put our stamp on the spaces in our room. The sunroom was the latest such adventure. Decorating a home is a very slow process, though super rewarding and satisfying. Much of the first four years have been spent putting things together and giving the home a vibe that read 'us'. We've spent a little money, but overall have been pretty frugal when it comes to decorating. The bulk of our money has been spent on projects that had a big pay off, like painting the house. Now it feels like we are entering the next stage of living in a home (the second layer, if you will) where we can start to dig into the details of each space to make sure it truly represents us aesthetically, consistently and cohesively. We've been able to really get used to our spaces over the years. We know how they currently function and how we would like them to actually function. Some spaces still need improving and tweaking. Our bedroom for example, still consists of college furniture and a mattress on a bed frame - it looks 'pretty' but still needs a lot of work. We are now ready to dive in a little deeper and begin to make rooms functional and decorate them with purpose. I'm excited to be able to start focusing our decor dollars, and I think the sunroom makeover are the beginnings steps of addressing that second layer - four years deep. Our porch wasn't bad before, it really Get the Scoop [...]
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4 Year Recap – Part 5

Bedroom - 2010 Yo, Buddies! Here I am with the last installment of the four year recap. I hope I'm not driving you guys crazy with this, but it's fun for me to look back at the progress, and I hope it might be for you too. Sorry if I went a little overboard. Today I am sharing you the progress of our master bedroom, the sunroom and the front porch. The photo above is our bedroom minutes after we moved in, as you can see not a lot had been done to the space. The honest truth is that it sat like this for quite some time, probably a year. We were so busy trying to get our living areas "put together" that we really couldn't focus on the bedroom. I say "put together" in quotations because really it took years to get a cohesive look in our living areas, and most likely will always be evolving. The bedroom is large, which is awesome for us and was a definite must when house hunting. However, the doorway that opens into the bedroom divides the bedroom into two parts. On one side we have our bed, nightstands and tv, and on the other, we have a dresser, closet and sitting area. The doorway from the hallway sits directly across from the sunroom (the sunroom is connected to our master bedroom), basically creating an invisible pathway between the two. What I'm trying to tell you guys, is that the room is big - which is great, and cool, and awesome and all, but it has also been very hard to pull together because it consists of three separate parts all existing in the same space.   Get the Scoop [...]
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4 Year Recap – Part 4

Garden - Spring 2008 Can I start by saying how great you guys all are? I received so many comments of encouragement and understanding on my last post. It was good to share with you and hear that we all have bad days. Something I know, obviously, but when you're really feeling low it helps to know that you you're not alone. Seriously so many THANKS! Onward..I was going to save this recap for the last installment (there are five total) but I thought I would go ahead and share it with you today. If you're local, you're gonna need this post to carry you though the next 24 hours. The 8-14" of snow we are to be receiving soon is highly untyte. We need to think positive! Today I want to share with you my garden and exterior home improvements. When we saw the house for the first time everything was almost perfect, the kitchen was lacking, there was wood trim and paneling, but I could get over those things, I could see the positives. The house had a great layout, lots of room, and of course the porches. I knew we could make that bad stuff better. BUT then there was the exterior and garden. The house was covered in asbestos siding, trimmed with mint green awnings matched with a mint foundation and roof and dark peach steps. The yard boasted a green fence, a pee stained lawn and a giant rock garden. Every girls dream, not. How was I supposed to look past that? My first mission after moving in was to whip the yard and exterior of this house into shape. I accomplished a lot by the end Get the Scoop [...]
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I Like this Rug

Hey guys! So you remember how I got all smitten with that rug a few weeks back? If you remember, I wasn't exactly sold on it - I knew I was just crushing on it. Usually if there is something that I think looks really great, and costs a little bit of cheddar (that's still super cool to say, right?) I usually just wait it out. Why? I wait to see if I really do love it, if I just can't stop thinking about it, if it's the only thing I can imagine in the space, and then if I still love it months down the road we budget for it, and then buy it. In this situation I did not do that. I had been wanting to add bits of salmon and coral to the room, but I couldn't really come up with a solution for the most effective way of doing it. I thought about adding coral pillows on the sofa that I newly reupholstered, but coral against the navy sofa was a lot of color in one very specific place. The coral needed to be part of the room, not part of the couch, you feel me? I'm pretty sure that the Torres rug has been available at West Elm for awhile, the thing is, I never needed a coral rug, so I never noticed it. Then one day I was flipping through my new catalog, and wham, there it was, The Torres Kilim rug in "Guava". So I thought about it, I blogged about it, and then I realized it was on sale. I called West Elm to see what their return policy was on rugs, I found out I could return it to the store. If I ordered it the worst possible thing that could happen would be that I just didn't like the rug. So I ordered it, just Get the Scoop [...]
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4 Year Recap – Part 3

The Boys' Room - 2010 Hey, guys! Here we are for the 3rd installment of the four year recap! I bet you're so totally excited, right? Four years ago we moved into our house - that's a long time - the purpose of me sharing these photos with you is to illustrate a few thoughts about "home". For us, "home" is not something that happens in the blink of an eye, and it's not something that you need piles of money to achieve. Things happen slowly, very slowly, but if you are deliberate in your plans, eventually it will all start to come together. After four years we are finally feeling settled in this home of ours, and although I always have projects on my to-do list, it is finally in a state that I always hoped it would be when we moved in four years ago. The photos today are to illustrate the process of our transitions. None of the rooms have undergone major renovations and I think that is just fine! Do you need a major renovation to make a house a home? No way, man! Yes, sometimes a coat of paint, a little design, and a lot of personality is all it takes. For me, it's also important to maintain and give honor to the character of our home. Major renovations aren't ever going to big for us (although we do have 1 planned for the basement). The photos I'm sharing with you today are meant to be examples of the layers that go into making a house a home. I believe "home" should be fluid, and should have the ability to change with your life and lifestyle. Sometimes these transitions Get the Scoop [...]
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