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Dinosaur Feathers & A New Photograph!

You guys remember our bedroom makeover? Towards the end of the proj, we had to make the most of what we had, and one of those things was the artwork. The budget was maxed, and we had a large blank wall space, so I had to make the most of it. If you remember I watercolored an engineer print and "framed" with some 1x2's and hung it on the wall with large bulldog clips. It did the job, but we always knew that we wanted to invest in a real piece of artwork for this space. Enter a few of READ MORE
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Bros. I've reopened the investigation into the history of my house and the people who lived here long before us. I've always been so curious of this, and I've never been able to find many answers. There is something incredibly amazing about the history of homes and the people who've lived their lives in them. I consider our home a member of our extended family, and I know that my family history will live on with it. Seriously, like woah. Too deep for a Friday morning? Also, it's our five READ MORE
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Master Bedroom : Before & After Reveal

Yo. Finally I can say the bedroom is done! We now have a real grown up space that feels awesome to hang out in whether we are lazily waking up on a weekend morning or watching zombie shows at the end of the day. We love it. It took a looooong time, I know. That's because it cost dough (aka cheddar, aka lettuce, aka stacks, aka skrilla, aka money) and projects had to be spread out so that we weren't ever spending too much of our budget at one time. Get it? Jeff trusted me and let me go with READ MORE
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Updating Electrical Components

Hello pals, welcome back to the slowest makeover project in the world: our bedroom. It has been no blink-of-an-eye endeavor; it’s more like a slow-mo replay. Over winter break I had to turn off the power a lot. My kids hate me now, as I cause the interruption of their shows and vid games and whatnots. I thought everything was battery powered these days, but apparently I was wrong. Whateves: these fans, sockets, switches and sconces weren’t going to update themselves, so those kids just READ MORE
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Attic Finds

Hey Guys, long time no see. I was just in Vegas for a long weekend with my lady friends. Have you ever been there before? It was my first time, basically it was what I expected it to be, a shit show, but way more expensive. Anyway, that's what I've been doing. Before I left last week I did some hunting up in my attic. My attic appears to have literally nothing in it. There are no awesome long lost secrets to find up there, just old rafters, 4 windows and emptiness. I still find myself READ MORE
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