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Finn's B-Day invitation
My next batch of projects will all revolve around Finn’s first year of life. As a proud mom, I feel that it is my duty to supply my first kid with the best first birthday in the history of ever. Finn’s Thursday babysitter, Matt, aka 50’s, aka Uncle Fives paints up an awesome invite featuring Finn, his 2 teeth and a tray full of Cheerios. I have the painting printed on some card stock, and then take a trip to the paper store to pick up envelopes and some fancy paper for envelope lining.

***Note to self, going to a paper store with a 11 month should be avoided at all costs.

Fabric Swatches
One of the things that I really want to make for Finn’s B-Day celebrations is a pretty sweet birthday banner. I start out with some felt squares and some scrap swatches of fabric.

Finn helps, I mean, doesn't help
I begin to layout the banner, Finn tries to help, and by help, I mean do the opposite of helping. Slowly and surely we get all our letters cut out.

The banner all laid out
This was the easy part, now I plan on quickly stitching all of the letters in place. I’m sure that just like all the other projects I’ve ever done, this one too will take forever. My hope is that this banner will be something that can be used again and again, birthday after birthday.

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