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A set of 4. Happy Wedding Napkins
It’s always hard to find the right wedding gift, especially in the age of wedding registries. It’s easy to order something online but it’s difficult to make it from the heart or personalized. Being that this is a special wedding I decide to make Erik & Jenn some hand made embroidered napkins. These guys love their cats a ton, so a napkin for each cat it is.

Happy Wedding Cat Napkins
This is my 2nd attempt at embroidery, and again, as with all projects it takes me 10 million times longer than I expect. It’s a good thing I had tons of time to kill in that hotel room.

Tango the Cat Napkin
Tango is a tiger cat.

Boo the Cat Napkin
Boo is a black and white cat with a crotch on his chest.

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