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Sketchbook: Finn's Room
Well it’s getting pretty obvious, at this point all I can think about is my new house. Throw crafting and knitting out the window, if I have free time I am currently spending it doing one or more of the following:
A: On the internet scouring craiglist for new furniture
B: Day dreaming about furniture I can’t afford
C: Packing boxes
D: Doing dorky things like designing rooms in a house that I don’t even live in.

So Finn’s room might and hopefully will end up with some of the elements from the above sketch. I am slowly starting to realize that my color palette constantly consists of blues, greens and oranges, is this bad? Do other people design their houses in the same way, or is it all going to end up looking the same. Granted they are all different tones and hues of these colors. Sometimes orange will be the main color with accents of blue or blue might be the main color with accents of orange. If I am overdoing will someone please speak up and tell me. Until that happens I will continue on this path. Let me ‘splain to you something about my plans…

I love the idea of Finn having orange walls in his room. First of all it seems like a good boy/dude color without having to be to traditional, secondly it will be something he can easily grow into as a young boy. We currently own the Oeuf “Sparrow” crib pictured above so that will stay in the room. Part of the reason I love that crib is that it is so versatile, it can grow with Finn through his first few years, and then will be able to grow with his future sibling(s) boy or girl. Not only that grey rules, just ask our grey cat whittier, he is pretty into it. My current favorite idea is to sew Finn some new curtains from this lime green wood grain fabric I found at crafty planet (there is a close-up below.) It’s just the right amount of crazy if you ask me. I’m not sure if the above blue rug from IKEA is the “one” I’ll end up using but I like the color and since it’s from everyones favorite swedish retailer it should be fairly inexpensive.

Finn's Future Bedroom
Finn's Future Bedroom Finn's Future Bedroom
This is the room that will be Finn’s, this is a huge room and will be good for him to grow into, the downsides are the lack of wall space. It will be important to be creative in my spacial endeavors. Luckily he has two deep closest located on either side of his room, he also has a big set of three windows, unfortunatley this does not allow for a lot of dresser/bookcase/crib space.

A Great Idea
I saw this idea passing through the pages of ohdeedoh the other day, and I think it’s great. I envision combining the 2×4 bookshelf from IKEA, laying it horizontally and then adding these shelves above for book storage. A potential great solution for lack of wall space.

And lastly, welcome to my current crush. LOVE IT.

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  • samantha French January 19, 2010

    Is that faux bois pattern fabric or wallpaper? Love it.

  • Scoops January 19, 2010

    Sorry about that, I meant to link to that faux wood grain fabric. I found it here at crafty planet in NE Minneapolis

  • The Garden Bell January 19, 2010

    Perfect. just Perfect

  • Jenn January 20, 2010

    I love the colors, textures, and fabrics! The perfect mixture. Now I can't wait to see it in person!!!!

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