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Orange Swivel Chair
So I found the gold mine of awesome Craigslist furniture last week. I had seen an ad for a quaint little two-seater sofa on the old CL so I made an appointment to check it out. We borrowed Jordan’s (aka Uncle Juice) truck and headed on over to East St. Paul. Well what do you know, this craigslist lady has a huge stash of mid-century furniture. Her garage, basement, and main level of her house were all packed to the gills. I felt like I was on that show “American Pickers.” So I filled up the truck and walked away with this amazing orange swivel chair, a really crazy sofa, and a foot stool. Yay Allens!

Perfect Porch Coach and Footstool
Here is the sofa that Jeff had to have. Six striped cushions on a metal frame. What a crazy couch this is.

Of course I couldn’t finish off a room without stopping by my old friend Ikea’s place and picking up a bookshelf. I can’t resist.

Adult Patio
It’s hard to take photos of this space, too many windows. Here’s the full frame so you can get a sense of the space.

Next project will be to add curtains, I just ordered 14 yards of the this “peach coreoposis” fabric from Amy Butler Designs. Can’t wait until it shows up in the mail. I’m gonna sew 8 panels, on the advice of my friend Colz. Believe me, I will let you know how it turns out.

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  • AngelaDean April 1, 2010

    Lovely. Those curtains are going to make the room so bright and cheery.

  • Anonymous April 2, 2010

    Great finds!

  • erlthegirl April 8, 2010

    That furniture is perfect for that space! I see a little xylophone has made it into the adult patio… :)

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