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Our Weekend

Happy Monday everybody! How was your weekend? Our weekend was one of those gross sick weekends. We got nailed on Friday with a spring cold. We tried to salvage our weekend yesterday afternoon by heading out to one of our favorite MPLS spots, Minnehaha Falls.

I attempted to get a nice photo of the boys, but Finn is totally nuts and thinks it’s hilarious to be crazy and weird.

Gus & his Dad, snotty nose and all.

Minnehaha falls is full of natural splendor, but really the main draw is Sea Salt Eatery. Fish tacos and beer, does it get any better? This will lift anyones sick spirits.

*Believe it or not, this was the first outing the Allen’s have had as a foursome. It only took 9 months. Yay for progress!

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  • Emily @ Peck Life April 23, 2012

    You had me at the words “sea salt”…I want to go to there. That picture of your boy is HILARIOUS! haha, I love it when they make crazy faces.

  • Killa Cam April 24, 2012

    Things I love about this post:
    Gus’ sweatpants
    Finn’s cray face
    Jeff’s too kew look
    Fish tacos

  • sam April 26, 2012

    Love Sea Salt when not crazy busy, great way to cure the blues. Feel better!

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