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Bedroom Done.

Okay, so it’s been a few months in the making but I can finally call our bedroom done! Cue the confetti cannons!! That’s how I feel about it, anyways.

My story goes like this: Jeff and I have never really put a nice bedroom together for ourselves. We suck, I know. I think the closest we ever got was back in 2003 at our first apartment together, when I painted some of my great grandma’s furniture white and the walls yellow and got a comforter to match it all. That was the extent of our bedroom decorating career.

From there on out making the bedroom an awesome space has never really been something we focused on. At the loft our bedroom was practically in the living room so all we had to really do was make sure our duvet cover didn’t suck and our bed was made. At our rental house we didn’t really care because we knew we weren’t going to be staying there long. By the time we moved into our own house, the years of not really caring about our bedroom became normal and continued until just a few months ago.

And honestly, the bedroom wasn’t on my list of things to do at all this year until I won all that fancy-ass free paint. I had painted most of the house already and really didn’t know what to do with it all, so naturally the bedroom became my target. After a few months of contemplating colors it finally came down to black and white, a color combination I had been admiring for awhile, but was nervous about incorporating into my house.

It didn’t take long after the paint arrived to throw it on the walls. I loved with black and white from the get-go. Every Friday during the kids’ nap time for the past few weeks I would make it my goal to paint a wall in the room. Then gradually I began painting the trim and doors too. I finally finished the whole project just this week. That’s how you roll with a house full of kids.

I also stripped the paint off all the door knobs to got them back to their original black metal finish, and repaired the woodwork and trim where it had been nicked up. It was especially bad on the backside of the main bedroom door. Here’s a before photo in case you’re interested. I also replaced all the window hardware with new dark oiled bronze sash locks and handles – they used to be brass.

That all took a bunch of time too. Fer realz dawgs, my bedroom has looked like a tool shed for the last two months.

Lastly, I purchased a few new items. You all know about the ottoman but check out my new yellow lamp from West Elm. Total love fest up in here. I make out with it every night before bed, in case you were wondering. Everything else is the same old boring stuff, just moved around from different parts of the house. I’m still wanting that multi-colored striped pillow from Fine Little Day that is currently sold out, and I wouldn’t mind adding this chevron duvet from West Elm to my duvet collection either. For now, I’m pretty pumped about our new fixed up space.

Oh and duh guys, I totally killed it with that closet redo too, I almost forgot. The closet rules now, and I’ve kept it clean, neat and tidy for the last 2 weeks!

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  • Roonz April 20, 2012


  • Amanda @ willful/joyful April 20, 2012

    Sweet! Now I want a black wall and a porch in my room too.

    • Scoops April 20, 2012

      It’d be easy to add the black paint, not so sure about the porch ;)

  • Mieze April 20, 2012


  • jessica April 20, 2012

    Total inspiration. With two young kids no less!

  • Keri April 23, 2012

    This is so cute and inspiring! Love it.

  • sam April 26, 2012

    I must say I especially like the art in your room, the FTW – WTF alien is pretty boss. Very cool adult space to escape from the craziness. In our house our 1/2 story is almost there, but it feels so nice to escape our little monkeys and feel almost normal at the end of the day. What are your thoughts on a shaggy rug? Is it a bear to clean? Been thinking about one for the living room when our kids chill out in a few years. :)

    • Scoops April 26, 2012

      Hey Sam!

      That art is from one of our good friends Aaron Anderson (Hardland Heartland) It’s our family crest. He gave it to us for Christmas one year. I should’ve mentioned that in the post, thanks for asking.

      I like the shaggy rug, especially the way it feels on my feet. The kids are in our room a lot and it’s hasn’t been too bad to clean so far. We’ve only had it since December so in another few months I could tell you for sure if it was a good idea or not. Honestly, I worry about our crazy cats puking on it more than I worry about the kids. The vacuum does like to suck it up, but we’ve survived.

      I got it at Ikea, it was like $179 or something. So far so good. I think once your kids chill you’ll be totally fine with getting one.

  • sam April 26, 2012

    Cool, I love their stuff. I know Crystal from MCAD we had a drawing class together, love her work.

    Yep, good idea keeping it mostly an adult room rug. Just bought a $25 slate gray bean bag from Target for my little monkeys to climb and roll around with. I wanted a pouf SO bad, but cannot justify spending close to $100 on it… (both in diapers still). My pouf dreams will just have to wait.

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