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Tutorial : Knob Stew

This ain’t my first rodeo. Before last week I had only attempted stripping 1 set of door hardware in my upstairs bedroom. The first time I stripped the hardware it was H-A-R-D. I have no idea why it was so difficult, maybe it was because it was my first time, but I wasn’t very successful with it.

Last week I went ahead and removed the other two sets of painted hardware from my bedroom. The paint came off easily this time, no problemo. All I did was add the hardware to a pot of simmering water and a little dish soap. I let the soak for two hours. E-A-S-Y!

Once I removed the hardware from their luxurious make-shift-hot-tub I ran them under hot water, and guess what? 3 layers of paint just slid right off. Last time I had to scrub and scrub and scrub, and this time it was no problem. I had to do a little digging in the grooves but that was it. By mid-afternoon they were back on my doors and looking fine. It was no thang.

Someday, I will do the knobs in the kids bedrooms too, but for now I’m pretty happy with myself for restoring these guys in an afternoon.

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  • Janelle April 5, 2012

    Nice work girl!! I forgot to update my google reader, so I haven’t been reading since you switched over to WP. I have some catching up to do, but very nice work on that hardware!

    • Scoops April 5, 2012

      I’m glad you found me! I lost so many readers when I switched over to wordpress :( I’m slowly winning them back though.

      I’ve been following you along on your blog, your backyard projects are so inspiring. It makes me wanna run out and start digging!

  • Oh how I wish I could make all my 80’s brass knobs black with a little boil and scrub. That would be magic!

  • Megan April 6, 2012

    Oh wow! I’ll have to try this as I start to tackle the door hardware. I’ll add it to my list of things to do… thanks! :-)

  • Jesyka July 6, 2012

    I just had hinge crock-pot last week!

  • Heather July 29, 2013

    Awesome! I saw an architectural salvage company from Texas, featured on This Old House, that used an old crock pot filled with hot water and fabric softener – another take on the hardware paint removal spa!

    • Scoops July 30, 2013

      Yes! I’ve seen that too. Next time I find myself an old crock pot I’m setting it a side just for this purpose.

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