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Basement Remodel : Week 2

Basement Remodel : Week 2 | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Hey Guys! Lots to share with you this week. My kids are out at Grammy Camp (aka an awesome-fun-time with their Grandma, and an even better more productive time for me) and I’ve got plans to get tons done around the blog. Anyway, I wanted to start with a quick little basement update. I meant to share where we were at last week, but then the cabyn lyfe took over and I never got around to it. Sorr-izzle.

Today I’m sharing where the basement is as of this morning, exactly two weeks since the project has started.

The house is really busy, and it’s all been pretty exciting. I like checking in and seeing what all the worker bros are up to. The crew has been great, and respect me as a lady who might know a thing or two about how things get built. As of yet, I haven’t been too hands on with the project – but the guys have let me know when there is something I can do to help cut costs. I’m planning on doing lots of the finishing work once we get to that point.

So here’s a few not so pretty pics of the progress:

Basement Remodel : Week 2 | Deuce Cities Henhouse

The biggest difference (besides the demo) is the new concrete floors. We will be laying down a premium vinyl floor that has the look of real wood (wood in the basement, not a good idea), and we needed a flat surface to work from. Our hope was that the floor under the ceramic tile would be good enough to use, but the mortar and tile pulled off the century old concrete in big chunks. It wasn’t going to be a simple patch job. The concrete floor was our first unexpected cost. Fingers crossed there won’t be any more.
Basement Remodel : Week 2 | Deuce Cities Henhouse
The room looks huge with this storage space out of it. It’s hard to tell from the pictures but it greatly opens up the space. Do you notice anything else? That’s our new egress-ish window space! They needed to cut the window space out earlier than needed so that they’d have a space to get the concrete in. We’re calling it an egress-ish window because it doesn’t open up to the 36″ space because a real egress window would cut right into my garden path along the veggie gardens. We won’t be putting a bedroom down here, so we can get away with a 24″ window space. Cool, huh?
Basement Remodel : Week 2 | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Look! No more glass black bar or drop tile ceiling! And the washer and dryer have been moved to their new home in the laundry room!
Progress Report : Week 2
Demo’d Basement
Removed Floor Tile
Replaced & Removed Plumbing
Cut out for Larger Egress-ish Window
Smoothed out Floor with 1.5″ of Concrete

Check in next week for the next update – hopefully we’ll have the gas meter moved and framing underway!

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  • Amani June 22, 2015

    This may be too personal, but I would love it if you added the budget of the remodel to your posts. Helps others get a baseline idea of what similar work would cost.

    • Scoops June 22, 2015

      Fair Question. Our original budget was $40K, we had planned on being flexible up to $50. After talking to a few different contractors we realized to get everything we wanted we needed to go to the higher end of our budget – so that’s where we are sitting now, hopefully with minimal cost needing to be added to the bottom line. Our contractor gave us an itemized list that with a payment schedule – hopefully his thoroughness in his project overview will help keep our costs right where expected.

  • CAM June 22, 2015

    So effing exciting!

  • Vanessa June 22, 2015

    Wow – it looks like a great start Scoops! It’s always fun to have dirty made clean again and get all that usable space to work with.

    • Scoops June 23, 2015

      Hey Vanessa! Yeah! Most of all we can’t wait for the useable space – it will change how we live in this house!

  • Erin June 23, 2015

    I has no idea that storage space was so huge or that it had a window! Was that to the left as you came downstairs, behind the TV wall?

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