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A few months back I got in touch with Annie Larson; owner, creator and designer of super cool ALL Knitwear. Not only was I totally impressed by the colors and patterns of her knit sweaters, leggings, skirts, and hats, but as a interior design junky, I was equally impressed with the recent photos she had been posting on her blog (alldailyreport.com) of her new Bushwick, NY studio.

New Studio
Is there anything you’d like to share about your work, who you work with, etc?
I’m now entering my third year with ALL Knitwear and it’s still just me behind the machine, but earlier this year I started working with two interns at my studio here in Brooklyn. I have also worked with Eric Carlson on knit patterns, Sam Hoolihan with documentation, Crystal Quinn for one million pom poms, and my friends for modeling.

You’ve participated in the Optical Fiber show in Philadelphia back in March, what other big plans are on the horizon for ALL Knitwear in 2012?
As of right now, I don’t really have anything lined up besides trying to keep up with the sweater shop and wholesale orders. I will be working with a few new stockists this year, including my first in the UK, and will continue to work with many of the stores I have supplied in the past. At the end of this month I will be moving studios and am bracing myself for the next round of transitions. Aside from that, I hope to keep doing nails and maybe take up painting other tiny things as well.

New Studio
You have so many inspiring objects in your space, what’s your favorite possession?
My miniature food collection, and my sweaters…

You’ve recently moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn, what are your favorite things to do in your new neighborhood?
I go to the Tortilla Factory for spicy pork tacos once a week. I also like hanging out with Eric on our stoop.

New Studio

Can you share a little bit about your new studio?
I’ve been sharing a 650 sq. foot studio with another artist in Bushwick since the beginning of this year, but will be moving to a new space next month. I am considering a number of different options for the next space, including sharing with another fashion designer, renting a storefront, or flying solo.

My Corner
I love your YELLOW shelf, can you tell us more about it please?
Yes! It’s from justshelfit.com, a company located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I think they do custom powder-coating as well, and sell mis-matched components for a discounted price, which means you could make a pretty dope color-blocked industrial shelf for even less money

Your new rug is amazing, how’d you get it? Where’s it from?
I am lucky and have a lovely friend who gave it to me after she purchased it for her own studio and it ended up not working out. In exchange for the rug, I helped pay for a flight to visit me earlier this year and we had the best time together.

Bamboo Stripe Tee
If you don’t know about ALL Knitwear, you should. Go check out Annie’s amazing patterns at ALLFOREVERYONE.COM and follow her on instgram (annieleelarson), you’ll enjoy getting her daily dose of color, patterns, texture and inspiration.

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  • Kensaku October 24, 2015

    After I eat them, I will probably sit sorheweme nice and cozy and knit some more.a0 Maybe that sweater that I need to finish . And then maybe when you come back in a few days I will have not two,

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