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All sorts of exciting stuff has been happening at our house over the course of a week. The house is getting painted!! It is a crazy and stressful process but also really exciting.

I thought maybe I’d take sec and walk you through my experience.

It all started last Monday. A whole crew of dudes shows up to paint the house. Before 10AM all the storm windows are off and the windows are being sanded, scraped, reglazed and prepped for painting.

There is also a carpenter guy who is quickly working to put up new corner boards!

Things continue to go smoothly. The house gets masked off and me and the kids are trapped inside. It looks like a scene from Dexter, but instead of blood there is white paint. It’s super eerie and creepy from the inside. The guys go to town and spray all the sashes, sills and trim.

Day 3 threatens rain and the guys huddle up in our garage and get busy hand painting all the storm windows dark, dark brown. The porch and the new corner boards are painted too.

I’m so excited to see the dark blue paint color go up on Thursday. It’s threatening rain though, I am not so sure this is a good idea…

… and then it down pours, and the paint comes down too.

I was totally freaking out at this point (like almost committing suicide freaking). When the rain started the guys all took off. I peeked my head out to check on the new blue siding and I saw it sliding right off the house.

Holy balls!

I almost threw up.

I guess this is okay though, or that is what they tell me.

I notice right away that the blue is not the right blue.

The color I had picked was a Benjamin Moore paint color, they prefer using Sherwin Williams paint and assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem to match.

That didn’t happen.

I am glad to report that it is no big deal though and they will happily replace the bad mix with the actual Benjamin Moore color.

The house needed to dry out on Friday and the guys were only able to put up the storm windows and start painting the frieze.

It was raining all last night, and the house is drying out again today. No one is here to work.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day too. Maybe I will have a non-tie-dye house by the weekend. Keep you fingers crossed for me.

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  • Roonz June 19, 2012

    The side that’s blue already has such great presense! Can’t wait to see it done!

    • Scoops June 19, 2012

      I like what you said there. We’re dying to see it done too, looks like it won’t be till Thursday or Friday with this rain sitch.

  • Christine June 19, 2012

    Dammn, I would totally be freaking out too! It will all be worth it in the end though, it’s going to look amazing.

    • Scoops June 19, 2012

      I’m glad someone’s in agreement with me. I don’t want to be the only one freaking out!! I think it’ll look good too, I’m feeling more and more confident every day.

  • Emily @ Peck Life June 19, 2012

    AHH, stressful….! But, it’s going to look so AMAZING, i’m loving the colors! Can I just tell you how jealous I am of your house?! The sun room…the windows…ALL of it. We just don’t have houes like that in Seattle….!

    • Scoops June 19, 2012

      I think this is the 2nd time someone has mentioned that there’s not houses like this in the Pacific Northwest. I wonder how come? Weren’t they all built around the same time. I couldn’t live without a porch that’s for sure :)

      Thanks for the encouragement, the waiting is killing me.

  • Betz April 16, 2014

    Would you mind sharing the painters you used? I’m also in the twin cities and we’re planning on painting our Longfellow bungalow this spring.

    • Scoops April 17, 2014

      Hey Betz! We used Bella Casa, they were really good. We had our windows glazed, and our storms painted too so it was a little more expensive, but totally worth it. Our main contact there was Alan. Hope that helps!

  • Betz April 17, 2014

    Thank you! Based on your awesome nest and style choices, I completely trust your judgment & I may have to use your fencer too- It’s like Scoops-list instead of that Angie lady! Thanks again.

  • Anderson October 30, 2017

    I really love the exterior colors of your home. I’d love to know which siding and trim colors you used specifically, if you don’t mind sharing. Sorry if you already posted this info. I couldn’t find it anywhere :)

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