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Entry Way Ideas

Entry Way Mood Board
So I’ve been giving the entry-way-re-do a lot of thought throughout the last 2 days. I’ve really appreciate the comments and feedback you guys have given me since posting about my dilemma earlier this week. Christine made the suggestion that I should think about laying down a runner instead of a standard rug. I don’t know why but this never occurred to me. I had considered rugs for the space but wasn’t sold on the idea of a rug covering so much of the flooring. A 5×7 would fill the entire space from the bench seat to the stairs, and that would just look weird. On the other hand a 2.5′ x 7′ runner might be the perfect size. I like this suggestion.

I found a blue (surprise) ombre runner that I really like in the west elm catalog. I’m not sure if this is exactly what I will end up with, but something similar in size and style will be on my floor! I need minimal pattern and a little bit of blue. The rug in the living room already has enough pattern for the whole main floor.

My biggest problem in the entry way is that long window near the stairs. I obviously couldn’t hang curtains on it because one side of the window is set above the staircase. My attempt of adding fabric pennant bunting was cute, but not a long term solut-sch. The window is pretty, and there is a simple leaded glass pattern that runs through out it, but it so bare. I’ve had a serious crush on Fiddle Leaf Fig trees forever now, and I think the corner of the entry might be the perfect place for one. (Isn’t that convenient??) As the tree grew it would work as a natural window covering. I think I seriously might be on to something here. Not only that, but I am dying for more green in my house… you know these dark winter months are getting me down.

This big weird window causes another problem. There is NO where to hang artwork! Anything hung under it would look strange, and next to it would look like you were lining too many things up horizontally (believe me, I already tried this). Instead, I was considering adding three Ribba ledges (from Ikea) and aligning them vertically in the corner near the long window. I can lean artwork on the ledges allowing me to change them out easily.

Changing the lighting is a must, the fixture that’s hanging there is victorian as eff, but in a really ugly and dying sort of way. I’ll save it incase someday 100 years from now someone else wants to restore this house, but I seriously need to change it for my own sanity. Wouldn’t a small to medium sized Random light be soooooo pretty? I kinda love it.

I’m switching out desk chairs (again). I go back and forth between the Bertoia wire chair and my Eames arm chair. Now that the Eames rocker isn’t necessary in the new living room layout, I’ll be moving it back to the desk and adding a dowel base. It’s much more comfortable then the Bertoia. That being said, I included a swatch of fabric in the above mood board that I would like to use as curtains for the landing window at the top of the stairs (not pictured). The window can be seen from the entry way and desperately needs a curtain. The triangle fabric does a nice job of incorporating my fav triangle jamz, plus the blue from the runner and the exact yellow of the eames desk chair.

More than anything I wanted the space to function as a comfortable and inviting introduction to our house for guests, while at the same time looking pretty from the living room for me. The bulit-in bench is clutch here. That bench needs to be the spot where guests can feel comfortable sitting down, taking off their boots, and laying down their coats. We always use the bench as a place to pile coats on when peeps come over, it keeps their jackets nice and warm. Pretty great huh? I’ve gone back and forth on adding a cushion to the built-in bench because we have two incredibly furry cats. The bench covers a radiator and I know they would never move from that bench once there was a cushion on it. I mean, they live for warm cat butts and food. I’ve come to grips with this as a reality, and a cushion would really make the bench look put-together and pretty from the living room. The comfort and coziness a cushion would bring to the space would be worth it I’m afraid. I’ll just have to be on daily lint fur roller duty for the rest of my life.

Ribba frames – Ikea
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Eames Chair with Dowel Base

Entry Way Mock Up
Now don’t laugh, cause my husband did… but I’ve badly photoshopped up the entry way with all the new stuff and I like it mucho. That rug really does a lot for the space. Excited.

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  • Erin January 18, 2013

    Scoops, don’t spend crazy money on that light! I can help you make it for under $50 no probs…even less probably…

    • Scoops January 21, 2013

      Hey Roonz, not exactly sure if this will be the fixture or not, but something larger, airy, and dramatic fo sho. I also like this one: http://www.designpublic.com/shop/patrick-townsend/8805

      If I do go the Random light route, I’ll pick your brain on your method. There are also knock offs on ebay *gasp.

  • Anne January 21, 2013

    Um, that looks like it will be amazing! Even (not so) badly Photoshopped I can tell it will be fantastic. So fun!

    • Scoops January 21, 2013

      Thanks Anne! I hope I really do get around to making this space more like what I have pictured above. I think it would make the whole lower level of our house feel so good!

  • Cam January 22, 2013

    I’m way behind on the blog posts, but I die for that fabric. So good.

    • Scoops January 23, 2013

      I know, pretty tyte, right?? Can’t wait for you to see it.

  • Laura February 11, 2013

    Take it from a fellow Fiddle leaf lover: bitches be finicky. The leafs will brown/die if they get wind burned! So A: if you buy one in winter in Mpls:Beware! Just walking to the car can kill it. And b: make sure in your entryway it’s not somewhere any wind can hit it from the front door.

    And two: you could make this lamp too. Emily/Orlando kill. http://hommemaker.com/2011/09/21/d-i-why-orb-lando/

    • Scoops February 11, 2013


      It’s funny you say that because I am dumb and decided to buy a tiny Fiddle Leaf fig on the internet via the mail. In the god damn winter. Needless to say it is totally dead. I guess I lost out on 7 dollars.

      I will wait till the summer time, whoops.

      I do think that the location would be far enough away from the door that it wouldn’t get drafty. There is actually 3 doors you have to get into before you are in our house, the porch door, the main entry door, and the inner entry door that is shown in the pic above. I did read that those “bitches be finicky”, and I am ready to baby it.

      Thanks for the link, I loved that fixture when I saw it on ‘Secrets from a Stylist’. I will surely consider a DIY or a knock off as I don’t have millions of dollars to drop on a fixture.

      PS I had no idea Orlando had a blog, I will have to keep up on that.

  • Shannon November 10, 2014

    Hi there! I know this post is a tad late but I love love your house. You have a knack for picking colors and I was wondering what is the light gray color you used in your entry way and up the stairs? It looks so nice with the wood. We have a house similar to yours and I was thinking I might do the same in our entryway.

  • Hillary July 14, 2015

    another late comment, but can you tell me how you ended up putting the curtain up on the door. I have a similar door and am stumped by how to do something clean that affords privacy.

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