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My Favorite B&W Wallpapers

My Favorite B&W Wallpapers
I’m sorry, I’ll stop complaining about this awful weather soon, but it does kind of actually sort of have something to do with this post. I would much rather be telling you guys about my garden, or my plants, or the porch, or landscaping ideas, but alas there is none of that to talk about until the spring actually gets here.

For the most part I’m kind of over doing inside projects for the winter, and it’s hard for me to get “passionate” or give any thought or serious consideration to any indoor project. I want it to be outside season NOW!

I guess I’m not completely over it, my mind did happen to start wandering the other day as I was chilling in my bedroom. Before I knew it I was considering how great black and white wallpaper would look on the far wall of our master bedroom.

Did you know I love wallpaper? More than I ever thought I was possible even a few years ago. I hope it’s one of those trends that never goes out of style like it did in the 90’s. I hope designers keep creating amazing wallpaper patterns and I hope to keep adding my favorite wallpapers subtly throughout my house. I also hope skinny jeans are cool forever too, but that’s another story.

Anywho, wouldn’t a wall of black and white wallpaper would be an excellent addition to the ongoing project we call our bedroom? I had a few patterns in mind, but after looking around the internet I found a few others I love too. It wasn’t meant to happen like this, but all of my favs come from one of two places: Hygge & West or Ferm Living.

Who knows, maybe this will be one of my first projects next winter…

Half Moon Wallpaper
from Ferm Living – $110 per roll
Bindweed Wallpaper
from Ferm Living – $110 per roll
Berry Black Wallpaper
from Ferm Living – $110 per roll
Ferns Wallpaper
from Hygge & West by Lisa Congdon – $125 per roll
Petal Pusher
from Hygge & West by Joy D. Cho – $125 per roll
Triangles Wallpaper
from Hygge & West by Lisa Congdon – $125 per roll
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  • Anya April 17, 2013

    I think wallpaper in small doses is good thing. Especially in older homes where the plaster and walls are uneven and crumbly like mine. I love the Bindweed wallpaper, but after being forced to yank out miles of REAL Bindweed back when I lived in Colorado, I just feel like I would be reliving the nightmare every time I looked at it. The Berry Black is cool too. I’ve been thinking of putting that up in my tiny bathroom since I could probably get away with using only 2 rolls. Question, do you hang your wallpaper all the way to the corner if your doing just one wall as an accent or do you fudge it if your walls are uneven?

    • Scoops April 18, 2013

      Yeah, I’m with you, putting up Bindweed after tearing it down would not be fun. The Berry Black is super cool and I really like all the white in it.

      Yes, I hang wallpaper to the corner with about a 3 inch overlap, and then I just take a straight edge and a utility knife and cut it following the line of the corner leaving it vertically plumb on the other edge of the paper. If your wall is really uneven I would consider getting something with a non linear pattern so that the uneven corner doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

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