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Babe Morph 2013

Hey out there. I wanted to let you guys in on something that I’ve been working really hard at in my life: I’m trying to lose weight.

I feel like I’m always trying to lose weight, but this time I’m really, really seriously trying to lose weight. Let me back up a little bit.

Being pregnant and gaining weight while pregnant is something I’m really good at. Losing weight after I have my kids is something I’m not so good at, especially after my second was born. During both pregnancies my weight went up to 210, which is about 50 lbs more than my average weight. After Finn was born I counted all my calories and over the spring I was able to lose all the weight, plus some more. I got down to 153, which I was beyond thrilled about. Then I got pregnant with Gus in fall 2010. Throughout the pregnancy I tried harder than I did the first time to watch what I ate, but still was hitting that 210 mark right before giving birth.

losing a little bit of waist
In the months after Gus was born I was able to drop down to the 170-175 range but have been floating there ever since (Gus is almost 2!). In September I started a walking routine and started to count my calories during the week. I stuck to the walking thing (even on the coldest days during the winter!), but the food thing I was not so good at. Us Midwesterners hibernate in the winter and surround ourselves with delicious high calorie food and beer to survive the harsh elements. This did not help me, and I was only able to lose a few pounds here and there and then would quickly gain it back. I needed to be dedicated.

Then I woke up the other day it just clicked in my head: I’m over it, and I need to make a change for the better starting now.

Beginning July 1st, I started getting up at 6am every morning to get a 3 mile walk in before the kids woke up. Throughout the day I prepare healthy low calorie meals for me and the fam. I am recording my daily calories and exercise with my fitbit. Having to be meticulous about recording everything I take in and all the calories going out is the most effective way for me to lose weight—perfect for the anxious, obsessive side of my personality. If my goal is not always present, it’s easy for me to forget about, and return to old habits. I really like the fitbit analytics on their website and it gives me motivation to keep going and meet new goals.

Did I say “Goals”? I have a few goals, I would really like to hit 155 el-bees, and I think I can do this, I’m going to work my butt off until I get there. I would also to like to fit into a size 8 pair of pants or at the very least look totally comfortable in a size 10. I have a secret goal that I am almost too afraid to mention because I don’t want to fail in reaching it, but I want to hit 145, something I haven’t been in almost 10 years. I am horribly self conscious. Even when I was a teenager and in my early 20’s (and pretty skinny) I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I want to get that out of my life! Seriously, this time we have in this world is too short to be spending it worried and feeling bad about how I look. This part comes from within but I am going to work really hard on keeping a PMA, guys. This is gonna be the year of the new me.

I also have barely lost any weight so far, but you can see from the pics that something is happening. If these super strange bathroom selfies weren’t there to reassure me that I am improving, I would be beyond frustrated at this point. I gotta keep reminding myself that what the scale says doesn’t mean everything and walking 102.64 miles in 16 days is nothing to sneeze at.

There are a few hurdles in my way. This weekend we are heading up to the cabin, which means feasts galore and drinks aplenty. I know that I won’t be able to keep up with the calorie counting and don’t expect myself to—I gotta enjoy the cabin—but I want to make sure that I don’t pig out and can set reasonable limitations for myself when it comes to meals. When I get back, I’m going right back at it, and I hope by the fall I can share a post with you guys announcing the new happier (and totally babilicious) me.

Don’t worry, this will not become a fitness blog. Just thought I would share this publicly and make myself accountable. I gotta do this.

P.S. If you’re using the fitbit too we should be friends! You can find me here.

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  • Lindy July 17, 2013

    Ugh, baby weight. I struggled for 4 years to get mine off. FINALLY had success (lost 20 lbs) after reading Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. Life changer. Now I tell everyone I know about this book. Best of luck!

    • Scoops July 18, 2013

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll have to check it out, I appreciate the suggestion as I’m looking for things to keep me focused and on track, especially of the life changer quality :)

      Glad to hear you had success!

  • Naomi July 17, 2013

    Being accountable means SOOO much!! Great progress for the first part of July, girl!!!

    • Scoops July 18, 2013

      Yes, I hope that just putting it out there helps me really go for it! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Katrina July 18, 2013

    Get it, gal! You are beautiful, and judging from the photos, looking more comfortable and lean.

    • Scoops July 23, 2013

      Yes! Screwed up a bit this weekend but walked 3 miles every day even while on vacation. Totally determined, and thanks!

  • Janelle July 19, 2013

    Omg I really think we’re long lost sisters or something! I did the same weight loss goal (pretty much same weights too) at the beginning of last year using the same method! I used the app my fitness pal and tracked everything also. If I could do it, I know you can too girl, go for it!!!

    • Scoops July 23, 2013

      I am going to go get the My Fitness app right now, I’ve heard a few people talk about it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Claire July 19, 2013

    Best of luck to you! It’s good that you recognize that it’s not just about the number on the scale and can see the progress that you’ve already made. If you don’t feel the lbs are dropping as you think they should just remember – muscle weighs twice as much as fat!!

    • Scoops July 23, 2013

      Thanks for the encouragement Claire! It finally started coming off a little so I think it’s working! Now to fix what I have done after a weekend at the cabin..

  • Anne July 22, 2013

    Wow, nice work so far!! I am still working on shedding my baby weight, ugh. It is not fun, and I seem to constantly go up and down with the same 10 lbs. I recently came across this entry from the Black Apple that was super inspiring, and actually motivated me to start exercising more (thanks to the library and You Tube):


    • Scoops July 23, 2013

      I will check that out, I need all the motivation and inspiration I can get. Thanks for the link. Good luck, I know we can do it!

  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com July 22, 2013

    This post could have been about me, if you deleted the parts about having 2 kids. I have been up, I have been down, but now I’m up (bummer) and I really want to get over it. I also want to do it without tossing my beer coozies and giving up my food blog (such as it is). Is it possible? I made 3 early morning exercises and one afternoon last week, but a weekend at the lake undid all progress. Summer is a hard time for change with so much fun to pack in. So is winter. I’m not giving up, and I am giving you props for getting really real and honest about it. Thanks, it is encouraging! I hope I’m there with you celebrating a new me in a few months. You have drive for things most of us don’t face, like doornob redoing, a few diet and exercise tweaks will be a piece of cake!

    • Scoops July 23, 2013

      I know Meg! It’s always not the right time, wether it’s summer winter spring or fall, there is always reasons to eat and drink. I hear that. I’ve been loving having my CSA (and my garden), I’ve been using the entire box every time and have been making really tasty and delicious meals my just eating veggies roasted, grilled, tossed into a salad, or whatever. All they ever need is a bit of seasoning a little olive oil and a bit of lemon juice. I think I am cooking more delicious meals then I was before I started trying to lose weight. Let’s do it together! I think there is strength in numbers!

  • Heather July 29, 2013

    Please tell me you aren’t 5’10”, because 145 lbs.and a size 10 is a little too thin for that height – I know because that is what I weighted and wore 20+ years ago and looking back at pictures of myself, my chin could have been considered a lethal weapon, and I could have easily hid behind most street poles! Ha ha ha! Still, I wish you well on your slimming endeavor, keep walking! You are lovely on the inside; so it can’t but help radiate outward =)

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