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Labor Day Weekend

We finally had a slow weekend around these parts and we even got to play tourist in our own city for a little bit. It’s been so long since there has been absolutely nothing to do, it felt great! I only hope all of you guys got to enjoy the weekend too.

Jeff took Friday off and we had an uninterrupted 4 days of solid family hang time. This is something that we just don’t do. We kind of pride ourselves on filling our free time with lots of friends and extended family hang seshes, so it’s not often that we have 4 days off to spend just as a family.

Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed off for the Minnesota State Fair (aka The Great Minnesota Get Together). This is one of my favorite new Allen fam tradishes. I never really did the fair thing much when I was growing up, but I wish I had. It feels so good to be out among my fellow Minnesotans, eating delicious things and celebrating seed art and cows. By 9 am I was polishing off my first beer and pickle wrapped in pastrami. It doesn’t get any better, seriously guys.

Saturday we took a bike ride to get this… a restaurant, something that has been off our radar as a young family of four for a few years now. Finally the kids are getting big enough to be trusted in public, which is an amazing reality for Jeff and I. Our world is opening up again after years of child induced isolation. J/K’ing just a little bit there, having kids is not that bad, but sometimes it seems like it we don’t ever get out. We finished Saturday with a backyard campfire and roasted some marshmallows, it was too tyte.

Sunday we went to Matt’s Bar, a local hole in the wall favorite, and had Jucy Lucy’s (a molten cheese filled burger). Guys, could it be, two successful restaurant outings* in one weekend. We also took in a trip to the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center, we were site seeing in our own city, and it was awesome.

*Pro parent tip, everything is cool when there are french fries involved

We topped it off with a very, very lazy Monday full of Mario Galaxy 2 competitions and relaxing porch hangs. We made a quick habit of afternoon naps every day, and it was amazing. I got up bright and early each morning and walked around Lake Harriet, that’s almost 5 GD miles before 7am! So proud of myself for that. We really did it guys.

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  • Sabrina September 4, 2013

    Part of the reason we didn’t go to the State Fair this year was because of the kids. But I am looking forward to when they are a little older… I miss going to the fair!
    I almost can taste that Jucy Lucy right now! In my pre-mom years I used to work near Matt’s and burgers and fries were a weekly meal there.
    Sounds like you guys had the perfect holiday!

    • Scoops September 4, 2013

      Ah yeah, I am excited for when this happens to you.. My kids are 5 and 2 now, and they held up well, we went early in the morning when it was cooler out and were home by 1. I don’t think an all day adventure will be in the cards for us for awhile, heck, I don’t even think I could handle all day.

      I love Matt’s, it’s hard to resist those fries.

  • Dawn FP September 4, 2013

    Sounds fun. Did you get to play mini golf at the sculpture garden? Probably not b/c you didn’t mention it. My kids are too little for it, too, but we walked around and oohed and aahed at it all and my daughter tried to block everyone’s shots.

    • Scoops September 4, 2013

      Hey Dawn, I didn’t see the Mini Golf, although I saw the signs for it. I’m wondering if it was over already? We did do a lot of sculpture climbing, and the kids thought that was pretty great.

  • Vanessa March 12, 2014

    Beautiful boat photo, nicely balanced.

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