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Summer Living Room

Dark Teal Living Room with Black and White Accents
What up people? Not much around here. I’ve been chatting about gardens for a solid three months now, I think I finally got it out of my system. I mean, I’m still going to be outside whenever I can during the summer, but for the first time in months I’m finally becoming able to focus on what’s happening inside.

I’ve really been digging the look of my living room lately. In the summertime we get to enjoy this lush backdrop of grape vines through the windows that are growing on my neighbors house. It’s so pretty, and I miss it so much when it gets all dumb and decides to not be green in the winter. Besides the changing of the seasons and what not, there has been one big change in the living room that I was too embarrassed to share with you earlier. I’m still not actually sharing photos of it because it was ugly and gross, just take my word for it.

During Christmas we moved the furniture around so that we could place the tree in front of the window. The TV got moved to the opposite wall, and after the tree came down the boys voted for the TV to stay in it’s new place. They said it made everything seem “roomier.” I was never a big fan of the new arrangement, when you entered the room you came face-to-face with our TV. Whatever, I decided to be a team player and live with it for a bit, and a bit turned into six months.

After ignoring the new arrangement for months I couldn’t take it’s uncoolness any longer. We recently got cable after being perfectly happy with our chromecast and antenna combo because my husband has a new-weird-side-job writing about sports for Rolling Stone (fer real, you should read it – it’s funny). He needed to get the cable to have access to the ESPN and stuff. Anyway, that meant that I got to move the furniture back last week so that the TV could be close to the cable outlet, and now I like my living room again. I can’t believe I lived with it that way for so long, but there were so many other distractions like finishing the makeover in the upstair sunroom, gardening and fixing up the outside that I just forgot about it. Never again.

Dark Teal Living Room with Black and White Accents Dark Teal Living Room with Black and White Accents Dark Teal Living Room with Black and White Accents Dark Teal Living Room with Black and White Accents
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  • Christopher Lee Pitt Wolfe July 12, 2014

    What kind of plant is shown in the last photo? I like it.

    • It is a maiden hair fern. They are so pretty, but I struggle to keep mine alive.

    • Scoops July 15, 2014

      Yep, she’s right! I water mine every Monday and Thursday, just enough to keep the soil moist. Miss it by a day or two and you’re plant will be dead.

  • Mal July 12, 2014

    Love that wall color. Awesome house!

  • REBECCA July 12, 2014

    I also love the wall colour, I’ve been looking for something different for my living room and I think this is it!

    • Scoops July 15, 2014

      Hey, Thanks Rebecca. Just in case you need to know it’s Dragonfly by Benjamin Moore :)

  • Where did you find your rug?

    • Scoops July 15, 2014

      Hey Rita, The Rug is called Jorun and was from Ikea a few years ago. Sometimes they show up on ebay.

  • Emily @ go haus go July 14, 2014

    I love your rug, wall color and ok pretty much everything in this room.

  • Scoops July 15, 2014

    Awh, Thanks so much Emily!

  • Courtney February 13, 2015

    Hi there! I follow you on instagram and am pretty in love with your entire house! I’m moving into a gorgeous all white attic suite with sloped walls and high ceilings and an exposed brick kitchen *swoon* I was hoping you could give me some ideas for furniture placement/wall art because the walls only go straight up to my waist and then slope towards the roof. My couch is grey and looks very similar to yours, I don’t have a rug yet or a chair… my bed is black wire framed.. but I’m on a budget and would love to have a beautiful home like yours. The space open (think bachelor but bigger but not huge, you know?!) and I have a deck with gorgeous french doors. Theres a ton of natural light, and I literally don’t know where to start! Thank you!!!

  • Danielle March 5, 2015

    I’m sure you’ve answered this question more than you’d care to count, but I love the chair that you have in your living room, where did you get it?


    • Scoops March 5, 2015

      No problem Courtney! It’s the “Cole” chair from Room & Board – hope that helps. I love the petite size of it, it’s perfect for our space.

  • Meg July 15, 2015

    This is such a beautiful room! Can you tell me where the curtains are from?

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