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My April Garden


Hey! It’s April garden share time! Right now I am in the thick of getting the flower beds ready for the summer. The spring always seems like a mad dash to edit and rearrange flower beds, divide a few perennials and mulch before the heart (and the heat) of the summer really begin. The front yard and foundation gardens are basically mud since getting our new stoop, and I have been focusing most a lot of my time on getting grass growing and the flower beds whipped back in to shape. After a few rainy weeks, the coming week should allow me lots of time to get the mulching, spring weeding, and maybe even annual containers taken care of.


Sunny Garden


Bleeding Hearts


Bleeding Hearts

As I mentioned in my last post, Bleeding Hearts are always the first bloomer in my backyard. They are seriously the best, I love them, and you should too.




Maiden Hair Ferns



After moving this new addition multiple times around the gardens last year, I was happy to see it survive and come back this spring – it didn’t seem like it was a for sure thing.


Shade Garden


Vanilla Strawberry Hydragena

A brand new addition to the gardens is this Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea tree. I placed it in the same spot that I had my Japanese Maple that I unfortunately lost last spring. I removed the soil and roots that were in this location and planted this new tree, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be happy and healthy here.


Japanese Maple

After losing the Bloodgood Japanese Maple tree to fungus last spring, I purchased this new Emperor I Japanese Maple and placed it in a different location. It wintered well (I wrapped it in Burlap and buried the base deep in leaves). The leaves come out late in the spring which helps to protect it from potential spring frost. I feel confident that this one will be sticking around for awhile.




Rose Bush

Roses are a mystery to me, after cutting this one back for the last three winters I realized that this bush likes to just be left alone, it’s thriving this spring, so I won’t be touching it anymore.


Sun / Shade Garden


Sun Garden


Flower Beds


Spring Snow Crabapple

For the first time since planting our Spring Snow Crabapple seven years ago, it finally fully flowered. I’ve been babying this thing for years, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t flower like other trees in the neighborhood. Last summer I removed some of the bigger branches that were crossing over one another allowing more light to get at the tree. I also watered it constantly during the summer. I don’t know what the secret was, but it makes me so happy to see it bloom this year, it’s seriously amazing to me.


My Boys

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  • katie May 2, 2016

    I really love your black and round walkway lights, where are they from?

    what is the airy tree/bush in the pic labeled shade garden? I just cleared out a ton of ferns that were overtaking my shade garden and am looking for suggestions for bigger prettier things to add. I have a bleeding heart and plenty of hosta. I need something with some height. thanks for any suggestions!

    • Scoops May 2, 2016

      Hey Katie, The walkway lights are brand new and I got them at Lowes. I’m going to be posting about them very soon – promise.

      The airy green tree is a dogwood, and it was one of the only living things in the yard when we moved in. It was cut back to the stump and took me two seasons before I figured out what the heck it was. They are two of them in this garden, and they are both at least ten feet tall now. They get little white flowers twice a summer, and the branches turn bright red in the winter. They do a perfect job of creating shade and hiding the garage.

      • katie May 2, 2016

        Thanks, i love your garden posts!

  • Alyssa May 2, 2016

    Your gardens are beautiful! What a paradise! Are you an official master gardener yet? The stoop looks great and I can’t believe the grass is already coming back. The brothers in matching jammies are adorable btw. Thanks for all the time you devote to blogging, especially on such a consistent schedule (no pressure, though, of course!). I’ve really been inspired.

    • Scoops May 2, 2016

      Thanks for the nice comments, Alyssa! I wish I was better at keeping a blogging schedule, I always have the best intentions, but I’m a big believer in not pushing myself if I don’t feel inspired to share.

      No, I will never be a master gardener, I’m always learning!

  • Stacey May 2, 2016

    Seeing your garden over the last few years has made me so sad I had to leave my Texas garden, but we are finally in a place to do some gardening this year! In fact, just 15 minutes ago our Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry tree was delivered!
    Our entire yard is a small strip in the back, and a larger area on the side (we live on a corner), totaling about 700 sqft for the whole thing. I have a small hellstrip to plant, and other than that everything else will be in pots as I have a future Women’s National Team soccer player in the house. Baby steps, but at least we’re taking steps!
    Keep inspiring me!

  • Vanessa May 2, 2016

    Your Hostas look so ready and so healthy. They can’t wait either.

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