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Fall Window Boxes

I just updated my window boxes for the fall and I wanted to share! After years of trying to manage this whole window box situation I think I am finally getting a knack for it. I’ve decided that there should never be an empty window box — ever. Believe me, this can be a difficult thing to accomplish living in an extreme temperature climate. I try and plan ahead, choosing a color palette for the spring to fall season and choosing plants that will transition from one season to the next.

I’ve decide that this year my color palette was going to revolve mostly around purple (’cause Prince). Picking a color palette is the number one thing you can do to keep your window box game strong while being kind to your wallet. My spring and summer window boxes were full of different varieties and shapes of foliage, it’s not always about the blooms. For the spring and early summer months petunias were the star, while in the late summer months the coleus took over, all the while having monthly showings from alyssum. Now that it’s fall I have removed all the dead petunias and added kale, mums and pansies to the mix. I also harvested potato vines from some of my backyard planters and added those to the boxes as well. I got thrifty and trimmed back all of my autumn joy sedum and tucked them in the planters – which adds a nice bit of light pink color. I expect that the sedum should hold up pretty well as they are hearty and dry out nicely. With regular watering the boxes should last for the next 4-6 week. When the weather gets cold I’ll cover them at nights, and then eventually I’ll have to give into winter and planning for my winter window boxes, but let’s not talk about that yet.

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  • kim October 6, 2016

    Oh hell that’s pretty!

    • Scoops October 6, 2016

      Thanks, Kim! I think this is my first successful fall window box, they usually look half hearted.

  • libby October 6, 2016

    Man all those colors look stunning together! Great work!

    • Scoops October 6, 2016

      Thanks, Libby! I think I’m going to be stuck on purple flowers for awhile.

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