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My Work Space : Part II

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Hey-O! Hope you guys have all had a good start to your week. We are just recovering from our epic weekend in Las Vegas, where we wrapped up what might amount to one of the best three days period ever. We had the privilege to see The Killers at the Sam’s Town Casino and Gambling Hall, where they celebrated the ten year anniversary of their sophomore album Sam’s Town, by preforming Sam’s Town live front-to-back, talk about meta. We were some of the lucky ones who were able to witness both nights, and it was insane. Like next level, awesomely mind-blowing amazing, sing-along and dance-your-butt-off wonderfulness. I will be replaying it’s magnificence in my head for weeks and weeks to come. Sorry if I was too annoying about my fanboy-ness over on my instagram.

Anyways, back to the stuff you check in on me for. I wanted to share more of the sunroom turned my new workspace. As I mentioned in Part I of this post, I have taken over the sunroom as my new office, and so far it has been working out as the ideal space. I shared the desk corner last week, and this week I’d like to share the storage area where I keep my excessive amounts of inspiration, design tools and camera gear organized. The fauxdenza was pre existing, if you’ve been reading for a long time, you’ll remember it was an essential piece of furniture needed to offset the slanted floor. The sunroom at one time was a sleeping porch, and like so many 100 year old porches, the floors were sloped to run-off rain water that the porch may have been susceptible to during big storms. It has since been closed in and made into a all season sunroom, but the pitched floor still remains.

The floating Ikea cabinets (aka fauxdenza) make for a perfect home for magazines, and tools that I use on the daily. The far left cabinets are used to store away my tripod, camera, and camera accessories. I keep my ungodly amount of magazines organized by using vertical file storage that I snatched from Ikea, they are super cheap (4.99 a 2 pack) and tidy up my many piles of magazines.

I need music while I work, it is a constant whether it’s this Crosley record player, spotify on the compu-tron, or on my Tivoli radio, there is always something happening. I also need lots of seating options! I usually move back and forth between the desk and the sofa as I work, when I’m writing I feel like it comes more naturally if I am chilling on the sofa, just pour me a tumbler of bourbon and I turn into a creative genius, I’m a real Don Draper over here #jokes.

Fauxdenza, keeping it all organized

Creative Space Organization

Ikea Magazine Files - 4.99 for 2

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Birdie the Maine Coon

Crosley Record Player

Sunporch turned Workspace | Deuce Cities Henhouse



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  • Allison October 5, 2016

    Honestly, this is my dream work space! Love it!

  • beks October 5, 2016

    nice job matching that last cat to the color scheme ;)

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