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I wasn’t kidding around about the goals I set for myself for 2020 – I really want to give it my all and push myself to post twice a week. I figure if I don’t really try, I won’t know if it’s possible. Worst case scenario, I figure out what my limits are and I go from there. To start the year off on the right foot, I wanted to give my office/workspace a refresh. It’s been awhile since I shared it with you. These photos are from 2016 and it’s change a bit since then, but not in like a completed sort-of-a-way, but more like a half-assed sort of away.

Last spring I got a desktop computer (I had only had laptops prior to). I’ve really enjoyed that the computer is a desk anchor, I truly like to plant by butt down at my desk, because I do focus way more when I’m in this space. To accommodate the new computron I needed a more stable and permanent desk solution. I DIY’d a desk for less than $50 bucks and I’m going to share it with you real soon. I started the desk last spring but it has been sitting half way done for nearly a year. This week I’m finishing it, I’m organizing my systems, I’m wrangling cords, I’m decluttering and I can’t wait to share more soon. But first, let me share my shopping list with you.

As you may have noticed, I did the very Scandinavian thing that I like to do, and used raw wood for the desk of my workspace (above) and the counter of my cabinets (below). This works for awhile, but if you don’t put a top coat of poly on (which I failed to do) the sun will begin to darken up the wood and it becomes orange-ish, and no longer reads as light, bright, minimal and Scandinavian. I figured it was time to upgrade, and my poor-man’s upgrade includes refinishing the wood slab with marble contact paper. I just needed to freshen up the space and this marble contact paper will do the trick. Plus it’s easy to clean up coffee cup rings off of.
I’ve had a LED Happy light on my list for years. As many of us Northerners do, I too suffer from SAD which is type of depression caused by seasonal changes and lack of sunlight. This full spectrum, non-UV lamp will help help me to beat the winter blues, regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost mood, and improve focus. Check, check, check, check & check. I like the look of this little lamp too, if you’ve ever searched for these you know that they are very clinical. I can get down with this design. I’m excited to blast myself with happy light while I work.
I am, and always will be a sucker for cord organization. I’ve been turned onto this new contraption by my friend, Ashley. It’s a thingamajigger that you can use to bury all your cords into. I’m attaching it to the bottom of my desk, just like she did. I can’t wait to get all my cords in order again.
I’ve always been a big fan of these paintable cord channels to get your cords from one place to another without drawing a lot of attention to them.
My other favorite tip for cord organization is have your visible cords be pretty. I built this USB charging station myself for a fraction of what these things cost store bought. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing a tutorial on how you can build your own in the near future!
Last winter my old little space heater died, so it was time for an upgrade. Jeff has had a version of this cute fireplace heater in his office for the last few years, and I have always been jealous – I needed to get in on the tiny fireplace action!
Let’s move onto the other corner of my office (see below). Many years back in 2014, I added a row of floating cabinets to this side of the room. These cabinets were added before this space was ever realized as an office, and way before Ikea offered upper kitchen cabinets with drawers! The plan is to replace the existing floating cabinets with two sets of drawers. This will allow me way more space to hide all of my camera gear, paperwork and design samples.
New drawers will give me the perfect excuse to indulge myself with the Sarah Samuel Sherman half moon pulls which I’ve been dying over ever since I laid eyes on them.
Lastly, I’d love to start switching out some of the basic roller shades in the office for some new blackout roman shades. My office/sunroom/workspace (whatever you wanna call it), is located directly off of our “master” bedroom. On Saturday morning’s when we’re lying in bed we get blasted with sunlight through the second-story-east-facing-windows in my office, and we have never resolved this issue. Maybe now would be the time for us to begin the process of upgrading to custom shades, we have 7 windows on 3 walls in that space. I mean, we could even get a remote for these babies, can you image closing the blinds from the comfort of bed?

I’ll be back soon with a progress report on my desk area. Can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on this week.

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  • ashley January 16, 2020

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your space! In the process of revamping my office/guest bedroom as well.

    • Scoops January 16, 2020

      Awesome! Good luck on your space! I love how January makes us all feel like getting our butts in gear.

  • Ellen January 16, 2020

    Do you have a radiator out there? Or was it just the space heater that heated it?

    • Scoops January 16, 2020

      Hey Ellen, no there is not a radiator in this space, but I do keep the door to our bedroom open which is heated by a radiator. The porch is insulated so between the space heater and the heat from the adjoining room it stays very comfortable. Hope that helps!

  • marie January 20, 2020

    hey !
    nice ! Can’t wait for the usb charging station tutorial. I also really liked the post about your stairs and hall revamp. I’m happy to read you every time !

    • Scoops January 24, 2020

      Hey yourself, Marie. Thanks for reading. I just posted the USB tutorial yesterday if you haven’t seen it yet :)

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