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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Finally the project that took FOREVER, is finally done and I can snuggle with Bruce in bed.Here he is hanging out on a chair, he looks good in all sorts of rooms in my house. I took the image from the cover on Darkness on the edge of TownI import the image into Adobe Illustrator and turn it into 3 tones, dark grey, light grey and white.And den, I grid it out. I've crocheted the background of the pillow READ MORE
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Yep, it's true, that totally is an awesome crocheted Bruce Springsteen pilllow you are looking at, well sort of. My original goal was to have this pillow done by tonight's Boss concert, but like all projects, they take about one million times longer than originally planned. Here is a picture of the tickets as proof that we are actually going. We're trying a new stratedgy tonight, we've bought the READ MORE
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A Solution for the Corner TV

It's so hard having so many windows and glass sliding doors in this cabin, I mean where am I supposed to put our tv? It's a real problem. No matter how much of an eye sore the tv is, we can't survive without it, and because this is just a cabin we don't have a rec room, or family room, or finished basement to watch tv in. We have to find a spot for it in the main living area. We have this stnnnnnng READ MORE
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Etsy Finds

I know this is a total non spring-time post, but I couldn't help it. Remember my post from two days ago about finishing off the bedroom?? Well that got me thinking... Maybe I need a new afghan for the arm chair in our master bedroom. I've got two other crocheted items up in there and I figured, what the hell, maybe another? I have one A-M-A-Z-I-N-G crocheted hexagon granny afghan READ MORE
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First of all, Happy April! Finally it is here!  After missing out on most of last summer due to being preggs and having a newborn I am doubley stoked for this coming spring and summer.Project #1 (Band T-Shirt Quilt)Since I was a teenager I have had this compulsion of buying band t-shrits, ALWAYS. I can't leave a show without picking one up at the merch table on my way out. I am a junkie. Over the READ MORE
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