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Deuce Cities Henhouse

A Solution for the Corner TV

Deucecites Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets
It’s so hard having so many windows and glass sliding doors in this cabin, I mean where am I supposed to put our tv? It’s a real problem.

No matter how much of an eye sore the tv is, we can’t survive without it, and because this is just a cabin we don’t have a rec room, or family room, or finished basement to watch tv in. We have to find a spot for it in the main living area. We have this stnnnnnng view here (see below), and it would be so dumb not to have the furniture laid out in a way that made us stare at it all day.

After giving the view the priority (I guess if I have to) there was only one space the tv would live, shoved in the corner.

Deucecities Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Have you guys seen corner tv media cabinets? They are dumb and ugly (just check this google image search for more proof). Just, no.

After much consideration I decided the best solution for this stupid space was to float some Ikea cabinets in the corner. This is a good answer to my problem for a lot of reasons, would you like to know more? For one, it gives us a spot to hide our routers and modems and other tech stuff. It floats above the baseboard so visually it is not taking up an entire corner of the room. The shape of credenza mimics the shape of the “L” sofa – repeating elements is always a thumbs up. Lastly, the wood top allows me to have one more place to add a few books, a vase or two and for all intensive purposes besides just being pretty, camouflage that black box as best I can.

Because we aren’t constantly watching tv when we’re at the cab, unless of course we’re rounding third on drunk o’clock, and it’s late, and we’re watching all the music vids on youtube. It also shall be noted that the kids aren’t allowed to watch tv in the living room. They have to watch their TV in the dimly lit unfinished basement (think that 70’s show). To get to the point, it was best to have the tv be as hidden away as possible when we were not watching Nirvana vids at 2am (see animated gif above) because most of the time we weren’t doing that.

Deucecities Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Deucecities Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets
I didn’t provide you guys with a step by step because Ikea basically does that in their instructions. If you’ve never installed Ikea cabinets before it’s very simple. Hang the suspension rail on both adjoining walls (make sure it’s level) and then hang the cabinets on the rail. Have shims on hand if your walls aren’t plumb (which is likely).

I love these new Voxtrop doors from Ikea. Don’t they look so fancy with their integrated handles and matte finish? There simple and understated and don’t bring any unwanted attention to that corner.

The most difficult part of the entire assembly is cutting wood top and sides. I used three pieces of plywood 2′ x 4′ sheets. I had some dudes at Home Depot cut each board to the depth of the cabinets + and inch for overhang. The boards come together in the back corner at a 45º angle which I cut in advance on my miter saw at home. At the cabin, I marked where I needed cuts, and used my circular saw with a clamped straight edge to make them perfectly. The side panels and top are connected with small 1″ screws. I assembled the whole thing by myself, and bar clamps were essential for attaching the the plywood side panels to the cabinet. Lastly, I did a new thing for me and finished the edges with iron on wood veneer! It worked great, and was so simple I feel dumb for not doing it on all of my other plywood top projects.

Deucecities Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Deucecities Henhouse | Custom Corner TV Credenza using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets
Anyways, I hope that this gives some inspiration to any of you dealing with the corner tv conondrum. And yes, that is a crocheted Bruce Springsteen face. See yas soon!

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  • Kate January 25, 2018

    Thank you!!! I actually spent 30 minutes (ish) two days ago trying to figure out exactly how you did this because I also have an awkward corner situation in my living room. We live in a small house and all space needs to be used – with a super deep couch it’s just this empty but hard to use space.

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Corners are tough! It was hard to find a solution with cabinets too, because I was worried about not having anything in the actual corner – it’s just an empty space. Having the plywood top makes the three cabinets appear to be one solid unit. I hope this helps!

  • Jenny January 25, 2018

    I have this exact problem and it’s been stressing me out! It looks like you have a swinging TV mount. Is that correct? If yes, what mount did you use and how was install?

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Okay, so this is a crazy story. One day I ordered something totally random from Best Buy and the next thing I knew, I got my order and 5 swing arm tv mounts! Isn’t that nuts. They were all for 40″ screen tvs or less. That being said, I don’t remember the exact model, but I think it’s probably most similar to this: TV MOUNT

  • Deena Bowman January 26, 2018

    All I can say is wow! This looks so custom made (well it is, shall we say “expensively hacked?” Ha! Ha!). Question for you: “The boards come together in the back corner at a 45º angle.” What about the cabinets? I image that the boards on top cover up the gap where they abut each other. Also, do you have the door hinges situated the doors open out from corner?
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Hey Deena, Good questions. Yes, the boards on top cover a space where there are no actual cabinets in the corner. For me, this worked out quite well because the outlet is in the corner, so it’s still very accessible. As far as the hinges go, the center door (of the set of 2) swings out with the hinges on the right. Does that make sense. I positioned the cabinets in a way, so that where they meet, it leaves just enough space for all doors to open. There is a gap in the corner, which I filled using a strip of white filler board from Ikea. I hope that answers your question :)

  • kristin January 26, 2018

    What an excellent solution! It looks so natural there! I love that gray (is it gray?) chair and ottoman. Where is it from? Love your cabin updates!

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Thanks Kristin! The womb chair is a bit of a chamelon, it changes between a dark gray with blue undertones, sometimes it looks more blue, and sometimes more gray. Anyways, it’s a Saarinen womb chair knock off, I found it on craigslist but you can find it on amazon right here.

  • Meghan January 28, 2018

    Love it! You have impeccable taste, an incredible eye, and some mad mad skillz. Awesome.

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Wow, Thanks Meghan. That’s super nice of you to say. Thanks for taking the time :)

  • Teresa February 1, 2018

    Looks great. We are dealing with a “corner TV” situation as well. I’m curious what type of TV wall mount you used. Do you have a link?

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Hey Teresa! I’m sorry that I didn’t include the TV mount link above. It was a crazy thing, somehow with another Best Buy order a few years back they accidentally sent us 5 unordered tv mounts. Anyways, the mounts were only up to 40″ tv, but they were basically the same as this one with the bent arm. Hope that helps!

  • Mary February 3, 2018

    I live in a dated 60s ranch with mahogany paneled walls. Can’t afford to tear up and drywall. Your pin is the ONLY one I’ve been able to find to show me how to make that work! Love what you did! Still looks looks light and airy and warm without being dark and dayed. Beautiful!

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      I hope this helps, Mary! I’ve really grown as a designer from living in our Minneapolis house with the dark woodwork. It’s sooo pretty, but it’s been really hard trying to figure out how to work around it and make it work with more modern furnishings. I’m becoming a believer that the easiest solution isn’t always the best solution or only solution. You’ll make your space work! One of the things I try to do whenever I can is include white elements to add contrast.

  • Jenn February 6, 2018

    I love this! My husband refused to buy a few houses we looked at because the ONLY place for the TV was a corner and he just couldn’t handle that. GREAT solution!

    • Scoops February 7, 2018

      Thanks, Jenn! Corner TV’s are really, really hard! Especially when it’s your main tv, I don’t blame you guys for looking for a house with a better spot for it!

  • Jenn February 6, 2018

    I love this! My husband refused to buy a few houses we looked at because the ONLY place for the TV was a corner and he just couldn’t handle that. GREAT solution!

  • Hanne-Grete September 4, 2019

    Helloo, this is genius! How many cm is it from the wall to the edge of the frames on both sides?

  • Chris November 18, 2022

    I am so glad I found this! We have rearranged our living room and putting the TV mounted in the corner works best. How high up did you mount the TV from the ground? I know this is an older post :)

    Chris from Mpls

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