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My Autumn Garden

Hello! I just wanted to pop-on and share my end-of-season garden with you. The fall has never been my garden's best look, and I thought why not show the good and the bad. It's the month of August where I usually give up on weeding and giving general craps about yard work, and it shows. There's always too many end-of-summer obligations and fun party times - weeding and garden maintenance is the first thing to get left in the dust... READ MORE
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My (Very Tardy) May Garden

Geez! What is wrong with me! All this summertime business is interrupting my work flow. I took these photos on May 31st, I swear. I love this time of year in the garden because things change so rapidly and quickly and it is so fun to watch and be a part of. If only the weeds didn’t want to grow as fast as all my perennials. READ MORE
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Budz! Big news on the blog today! Did you happen to see the December issue of Better Homes & Garden’s, cause if not, you should! Last year BHG asked us Allen’s to share with the world how we celebrate Christmas at our new-to-us cabin. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve participated in a magazine shoot of our home before, and I would have to say the end result wasn’t a true representation of us. Howevs, this was Better Homes & Garden’s the magazine I flipped through as a kid, and have subscribed to as an adult. This is the big enchilada, so yes, of course. Come to our cabin! READ MORE
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My May Garden

Friendthrens. I tell ya, the only downside to having a cabin is not being able to give respect due to the gardens. They are thriving this year, but they are in desp need of some cleaning up. I have to actually schedule time in my calendar to hang out with them. I wouldn't change a thing, but I do miss toiling over them, and I hope I still get a chance to this summer... READ MORE
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Gardening in the North Woods

Hi Guys! The snow still has not melted (because it’s a total jerk), but typically this would time of year would be the beginning of the gardening season. Not only am I excited to get into my garden at home in Minneapolis, but this will mark the first season of gardening in the North Woods of West Wisco... READ MORE
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