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Sofa Swap

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Guys! I'm moving full steam ahead with the spring even if the weather isn't. That being said, I got a new table for the porch last night, and I played cribbage on it, drank a beer, and listened to the Twins game while wearing my coat. It felt good! I am so excited about this table, let me tell you why. You know I love my porch, it is hands down our favorite place in the house. I never thought READ MORE
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Stylish Shoe Storage

The spring clean up continues over here at Casa La Allen!! This time I've targeted the weird area that sits between the entry way/desk zone and the kitchen. It's also the access point to the basement stairs. It's a weird space that we've never tried to do anything with. It's exactly 31 3/8" wide and 12" deep. There has been four hooks installed here since we moved in and we've used it as a place READ MORE
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Brass Attack

I never knew that 'Bar Keepers Friend' was a miracle when it comes to shinin' and spiffin' up old furniture. That was until I read a cool post about making your brass new and shiny looking over on Manhattan Nest. That blog has taught me a thing or two in my day, this was a good lesson. First of all, I used to never care for brass or anything gold and shiny. Probably because I associated with READ MORE
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