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My August Garden

My August Garden Music: "Lift Every Voice" from Lazerbeak - used with permission Hey Guys! I decided to try something different this month, instead of sharing with the usual monthly garden update photo style, I instead am sharing with you this cool vid I made of the yard. It's as much for you as it is for me, because I know next spring I am going to be dying for a little READ MORE
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My July Garden

Asiatic Lily The gardens came through in perfect fashion for the kids birthday's, both which were hosted in the backyard. This year really has been the best garden year one on record. Everything is much more mature and filled in, thus leaving me with a lot more time on my hands, I miss having garden projects to conquer. At least I have the lawn, I am most def turning into READ MORE
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My June Garden

Pink Peony Oh man, June garden time. This makes me happy because summer finally started, but makes me sad because summer finally started. The weather around these parts has been a tease ever since March. Needless to say this funny business has lingered into the spring, leaving us with cooler than normal temperatures and rain, so much GD rain. I didn't mention it this READ MORE
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My May Garden

Bleeding Heart Finally, we made it to a May garden post you guys, and I finally have photos to share with you of real actual plants. The first month of spring is always the most exciting in the garden, things grow so quickly, it's insane! Just two weeks ago there were barely plants making there way out through the soil, and now everything is on the cusp of blooming. I READ MORE
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My April Garden

Daylilies Well guys, I had to do it. I just had to post photos of my April garden, not posting would just be too sad. If you remember, by this time last year I had already posted about my March and April gardens. Still, the bits of green popping up throughout the yard give me hope. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. I'm out there every few hours trying to see if READ MORE
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