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Bedroom Update : Week 2

Hey Guys! Long time no see. I miss you tons. I've been VERY busy using every scrap of spare time I have working on my bedroom walls. After we had the pressure tank removed last week I wanted to jump right in and begin repairing the walls and replacing the baseboard and "crown molding" (it is not very regal). I needed to get the bedroom back into suitable order ASAP. One of the biggest unknowns READ MORE
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Bedroom Update : Week 1

--> Hey Guys! Woah, I went on an impromptu blog break and it was awesome! I don't know what got into me but after getting back from our buddies wedding I was all like "eff it". For one, I didn't have too many awesome things to tell you about, for two it's the summer and I felt like just hanging, and for three I needed to spend that time working on this crazy bedroom mess I started. I'm sure READ MORE
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Hello, happy Friday! I've been thinking hard about ideas for the very-much-in-the-future bedroom revamp and I wanted to share them with you. I need to do these weird exercises in design and inspiration so that I can stay focused on the prize. The sunroom (is essentially part of our bedroom) which you may remember was overhauled this spring. I totally love it now and we use the space all the READ MORE
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What up dudes? After a few long months of enjoying the summer weather and fully giving into the gardening bug I finally got the fire to start a new indoor house project. Let me start at the beginning. In our entire adult lives Jeff and I have never had an adult-put-together bedroom. We have never had an actual bed, we only use a rickety bed frame and a pile books to hold up our mattress. READ MORE
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Attic Find

When we first bought our house I had dreams of finding all this cool old stuff. You know the stuff people just leave when they move out, and it stays in the house homeowner after homeowner. I was gonna find all sorts of cool old doors, hardware, remnants of wood flooring, pictures, notes, and love letters. Then, this did not happen :( Unfortunately, the previous owners, and the owners before READ MORE
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