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DIY Light Fixture : Brass Sconce

Dudez, ever since I made my first swing arm lamp last year I've been kind of obsessed with making my own lighting. I have now made three pieces for my home, and a few for some friends. Over the next couple-a-weeks, I wanted to share with you guys the light fixtures, including a parts list and some brief instructions. I have to say this because "DUR", but electrify at your own risk, bros. If you don't know lighting basics - STOP - don't do this. Please, only use a licensed electrician. I've READ MORE
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DIY Plywood Hanging Planter

Hey Guys! I found myself getting uncharacteristically crafty this week when I was coming up with low cost ways to add some hanging planters to the front porch. Last summer I made a few macrame hanging baskets for the space (which I still love) but I wanted something for the other end of the porch because of my plant hoarding problem and all. Also, I think I'm finally recovering from the crazy amount of work I had to do in the basement and am feeling very, very ready to take on small easy projects READ MORE
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Basement Reveal!

Friends and pals! Almost a year ago we started the process of having our basement remodeled. It's been an exciting, stressful, and messy project but we are so happy that it's finally over. We are so glad we decided to move ahead with the renovation because it has totally changed the way we live in our house! Winter has been manageable this year now that we have a sweet in-home-retreat to relax and hang out in. The living and dining room are almost always clean because kids aren't playing with READ MORE
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DIY Pendant Lamp

Budz, I kinda like this new quick post method. Way less stressful for yours truly. There is so much stuff that I always want to share, but the pressure of the internet makes me feel like I should always present to you via some big, bad, epic post. How 'bout just a little tid bit? That works for me and makes it way more fun. Okay, so I am kinda obsessed with all the possibilities of making my own lighting after making the swing arm pendant a few weeks (eh, months) back. Since electricity READ MORE
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Bench Cushion – Crushed It.

Okay pals! I'm getting so close to finishing up the basement, like almost, nearly, kinda there! I just got to cross a big sucker off the list, which only leaves me with a few easy tasks. I upholstered a piece of peach foam with some of my favorite fabric, and it turned into this very cool bench seat. Not only does this seat offer extra seating when we be hanging in the basement (which is always), but it also subs in as a bed, a stage for kids, and the best new addition to the basement. Can READ MORE
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