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It’s Spray Painting Season!

You guys, it's that magical time of year where we can just venture outside and spray paint the heck out of anything we want. I have been marveling at the power of spray paint ever since I started using it in my kitchen makeover to make small improvements with hardware. It's amazing stuff. I've been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get outside and spray paint a few things, and it finally happened this week! We had a couple of days with temperatures in the 40's! Planters and pots can be expensive - lots of times as expensive as the plant if not more. Clay pots however are very inexpensive, usually they are less than $4 for a pot and tray depending on what size you get. I'm no newbie to spray painting clay pots, I've painted a few in matte black this fall, and so far the results are all positive. There has been no unexpected blistering from moisture or anything like that, so I figured I'd give it go and give these pots a dipped look. I masked off the tops of the pots and spray painted the trays and bases. It was super easy. I applied two coats of paint. I also painted this cheap-o lamp I picked up at Target earlier this month. It's not bad in the enamel grey, but I thought it would look way better in satin white, so I painted that too! See! Easy! Everything is masked and painted. I didn't use any guidelines when masking the pots, just picked a spot and taped around the top. I didn't even care if it was even! I know, I know, I am so crazy. The lamp is my fav, I love it painted white! Don't Get the Scoop [...]
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Progress in the Sunroom

Yo, Dawgz! Just wanted to check in and give you guys an update on the sunroom project. First of all, I am totally stoked about the progress on this little room, so forgive me, I'm pretty eager to share the tiniest changes with you. I told you guys a few weeks ago, that along with upholstering the little sofa, that I also wanted to add a "Fauxdenza" to the narrow wall in the sunroom. The floor is sloped (the sunroom used to be an open air porch, and the sloped floor allowed for drainage) and I needed to add a very functional piece of furniture that didn't take up a lot of visual weight. Duh, Fauxdenza = the ideal solution. In case you haven't been getting the play-by-play over on Instagram here is the story. On Monday night I took a trip to Ikea, purchasing a handful of things including; 2 of the Akurum 36" x 15" cabinet boxes and 4 of the Applåd cabinet doors. This is my 3rd time installing Ikea cabinets, so the whole process comes pretty easily to me, and you know I ruled it like a bawse. Ikea really does make it simple. Finn (my 5 year old) and I started assembling the two box cabinets around 9am, we had the rail mounting system installed by 9:45 and the cabinet doors were on by 10:30! Talk about a big transformation in a little bit of time, at least I think so. If you want to get your fauxdenza on, and need a few more details, check out Morgan's process over at The Brick House. This little room is quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house and I think I'm going to try and make a Get the Scoop [...]
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Sofa Upholstery : Before & After

Hey Guys! Look, I did it! I upholstered the crap out of the sunroom sofa, and it looks so good! I was pretty intimidated by this project but I am really glad I took a chance and went for it. This was my first ever upholstery project. Sewing does not come naturally for me, and measuring always intimidates me, so I had two good reasons to be nervous about diving into this project. It was something that had to be done though, just look at the sofa before (below) - pretty retro and not in a good way. For those of you who don't know. I have recently taken on the project of making the porch/sunroom off of our master bedroom a place that we actually want to hang out in. This room sold us on the house, and here we are four years later and it's basically an eye sore that we try and avoid. The space itself is wonderful - bright, sunny and airy. It's downside is that it's small and has been on the bottom of the priority list when it comes to furnishing it. When we moved we had no design direction for the room, and were in need of furniture. We purchased a few things all willy-nilly-like on craigslist. One of them being this midcentury sofa for $100 - it was the perfect size for the room so I give us credit for that. It is narrow enough to fit nicely in the room without over powering it, the downside was that it was covered in tan and blue faux leather. I always knew that I was going to reupholster it, I just didn't think it would take me four years. I want to make this room a place we hang out in god damn Get the Scoop [...]
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Valentine Candy Pouches!

Finn and I spent the afternoon yesterday making Valentines for his classmates. This is our second year of really going all-out with the Valentine's Day crafts. This is strange for me for two reasons; one I normally don't do a lot of crafty projects, and two we aren't super into Valentine's day at our house. Finn however really enjoys taking the time to make a gift for his buddies, and I really enjoying helping him come up with cool ideas for his Valentines that he and I can do together. This year we made these cute little candy pouches decorating them with hearts that we printed using our homemade potato stamps and sewing them up on the ends to seal them off. The whole project was pretty easy, we did it assembly-line-style. We started with printing, then took a lunch break while we waited for them to dry. Later on we finished the project by filling the pouches with goodies and sewing up the ends. The hardest part was getting the momentum to actually go dig my sewing machine out of storage - this is me trying to tell you that it was an easy project and I loved spending time with Finn making something together. Have you ever made potato stamps? They are really fun and easy to do. All you need is a potato a knife and a little paint or ink. This is something an adult would have to help with of course. You don't need fancy knife skills either. Start by tracing your pattern, in this case a heart, you could easily cut out XOXO or arrows too, but I was just keeping it simple. Make sure your potato stamp has at least Get the Scoop [...]
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Fixing Stuff your Friends Break

It's a rule of thumb around our house that there is always a hidden cost to hosting a party, one that you won't discover until sometime late in the evening, usually when one of your over imbibed friends is stumbling around telling you how much they love you. Last week, when we hosted our big holiday party "Friend Feast", my beloved Eames chair was the unknowing price of admission to this par-tay. The chair is a vintage Eames and the shock mounts are old and brittle. It was bound to happen at some point - maybe not as dramatically as it did happen, but the mounts were destined to break eventually. I didn't know at first how exactly I was going to repair the chair, for a day or two I was convinced it was a goner, and I was mourning it's loss as it was one of a pair of chairs. Then by some miracle, I found this little shop on ebay, Special K Products, that make replacement shock mounts. Blamo, I was in business. For less than $35 I had ordered myself up 4 mounts and an epoxy kit. I was able to find a few more references (here & here) on the big old web and in to time I was ready to fix this chair and get it ready for its next encounter with a drunken friend. Unfortunately, when the party pal fell out of the chair, the dowel frame base was bent too. I was worried that this was not going to be as cheap as a fix, I almost purchased a new base, when I decided to give it the old college try and bend it back. The worst that could happen was that I break the dowels, and then I'd be replacing it anyways. With some Get the Scoop [...]
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