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Scary Stairs

Hey Guys! I was supposed to be cleaning windows yesterday (SO lame), and I was supposed to be bloggin' about my foundation garden today; however, I got distracted by my ugly basement stairs and I just started taking them apart instead of doing all of that other boring crap. You know how that just happens? Stairs are a different kind of animal, you guys. Originally I thought that I might be able to strip these and repaint them, but they are super beat up. I had two options, just leave them READ MORE
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Modernizing Antique Doorbells

Friends! First off let me start off by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all the supportive comments you left me in the last post. This has truly been one of the more difficult times in our life and your kind words really helped to uplift me and the fam. Things are still a little rocky, but for the first time last night I began to feel safe in our house again - and it was such a relief to go to bed without a anxiety pit in my stomach. I've been trying to distract myself and feel READ MORE
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Alley Appeal

Whazzup all you cool people? I have a sweet makeover to share with you today facilitated by my nice neighborly pals over at Ace Hardware, (thanks Ace, you da best!). Us Ace bloggers were asked to get really in depth on a project this summer, something that we were really itching to get at. I knew right away that I had to tackle my garage. I have a few good reasons for this. Firstly, the exterior of it is so boring; white vinyl siding paired with a plain white aluminum door leaves much to READ MORE
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Peekaboo Pattern featuring JuJu Wallpaper

Bros. I'm excited about this one. A few months ago Rejuvenation reached out to me asking if I might be interested in doing a project featuring Portland's own JuJu wallpaper (one of their most recent collabos). After perusing (and drooling over) the line of super cute and likable wallpapers I wrote back and said "heck yes". Now let me start by saying, I have a thing for wallpapers. In my home, I've plastered three spaces with wallpaper and have plans of adding more paper to the basement READ MORE
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Macrame Beaded Hanging Planter & Giveaway

Hello Peoples! How are you guys doing? It's Monday, and I have a really cool project to share with you plus another awesome giveaway - you can thank my pals at Ace for that! It's finally starting to be porch season, the weather is coming around a bit, and things are starting to feel ah-very nice (ala Borat). We've been hanging in our porch whenever we're not doing the million other things that we're always doing. I always get antsy for a project after getting back into porch life. I just READ MORE
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