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My Tyte Jeff

I'm sharing a post today that has nothing to do with my home, decor or design. It has nothing to do with why you guys typically visit me - and I hope that's cool. Today I just had to take a sec to say how proud I am of my guy, Jeff (aka Tyte Jeff, aka Tyte Waff, aka Nedrick Lamar, Top Rapper). Today he is releasing his new EP TYTE JEFF. Making music has always been apart of Jeff's life. We met at the battle of the bands way back in 1998, my band Hardnox was battling his band The Killer Bees, it was true love, you guys. Ever since then I have always known Jeff to have a guitar in his hands (sometimes that gets annoying) and a fire in his heart. When we had those (GD (J/K)) kids a lot of our personal ambitions were put on hold to make sure that those people got fed, were put to bed at a decent hour, and were well loved. Jeff has spent years working on this EP, putting bits and pieces of it together when time allowed (aka when those kids didn't need something). Feeling an urgency to finally get this thing wrapped up, he has spent the last 18 months recording the jamz, fine tuning the mix, making a band and playing shows. Today is the day that he is finally releasing this most amazing six song EP. I think the music is rocking, man, and the lyrics are just so good. As his wife, I am so proud of what he has made, and beyond happy that my partner has such great ambition in life. You should take a sec to listen to these tytest of jamz. You can stream TYTE JEFF below via sound cloud, listen to it on spotify or Get the Scoop [...]
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No Joke

Hey guys. It's been a rough week around here, my nerves are almost totally shot, my hands are shaky, my chest is tight. I've been on edge ever since my site update three weeks ago. If you remember, I had some technical trouble and I was sick about it for days, physically sick. We went on vacation to Savannah and I was just starting to feel more like myself once we got home. Then the shit really hit the fan this last week. We were dog sitting my parents small dog who goes by two names, Tagg and Rudy, I have no idea why. Our cat Nami is usually pretty cool around other animals, I keep the dog out of her space and she seems to be just fine. I thought she was. I came home one afternoon after running a few errands and I found that she had peed on the newly reupholstered sofa in the sunroom. Now this is a cat who has never gone out of her box except when patrolling the neighborhood in the summer time. I was shocked. I found out quickly that the new sofa fabric is highly water repellent, in fact all the "liquid" was pooled and not being absorbed into the couch. That's great and all, except that my computer, my external hard drive and my camera were all sitting in said pool. Yeah. Apparently she had been holding it. So I do everything I know I'm supposed to do, I unplug the computer, unplug the hard drive, and dry off the camera. I open the computer to dry off the keyboard - it was in sleep mode, the screen flashes on, then the smell of burning electric parts, and then nothing, just a blank screen. Get the Scoop [...]
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Family Vacay

Hello, Friends! Guess what we just did? We survived an entire vacation as a family - the kind of vacation where you have to get yourself, your spouse, and two small people on a plane and to a specific location without; losing anyone, having melt downs, sibling fights, spousal disdain, or just plain freaking out. We did it, we survived, we spent a week in Savannah, Georgia y'allzerz! You may remember that Waff (aka Jeff) and I took a 48 hour weekend in Savannah back in November. Our good buddies Matt and Katie have taken up residency in Savannah while participating in some grad school action at the SCAD. We miss Matt and Katie like crazy and decided we should take the whole fam back to Savannah and takeover their 2-bedroom apartment, Allen style. They were the most gracious hosts - putting up with our crazy kids and their love of ketchup, and nutella sandwiches - both of which are cause for messy hands and faces. The kids crashed together on an air mattress in Matt's studio, while Jeff and I made use of an air mattress in the living room. We spent most of our days heading back and forth between downtown Savannah and Tybee beach. The beach was amazing, even on the cold days. We needed to be outside like what, this winter had beaten us down and we had to soak in the sound of the surf at every possible moment. With the kids in tow, there were limited options to what activities we could participate in. Gus still takes afternoon naps and was able to hunker down and take a nap at the beach, cuddled into his Get the Scoop [...]
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The Unglamorous Life.

Hey Guys. I'm here to report to you on the not-so-fun side of homeownership. That's right - it's not all paint and decorating, although I'm sure most of you know that. For the last four days I have been dealing with a leaking, backed up main-drain-pipe that was buried under a built in bench and 18" of dirt. Okay, I might be sounding a bit dramatic but this is real life! I know dealing with stuff like this is never fun, and never happens at the right time - but happening on the 45th day of sub-zero temperatures was not cool of this pipe. I'm over it. When the basement bathroom toilet started backing up Thursday morning I knew that our main drain was clogged. The same thing happened this previous fall, and when the plumber came that time, he reported to me that he couldn't find the main access drain - it was most likely hiding below dirt or concrete underneath a built-in-bench at the bottom of the basement stairs. In the fall he was able to go ahead and clean out the drain by removing the basement toilet and accessing a smaller drain that connected to the main drain, but this wouldn't be a permanent solution. To really do the job properly he'd need to get access to the main drain. So last Thursday morning, when my 5 year old slipped on the basement floor because it was covered in standing water, I knew what was happening, and what had to be done. Oh and did I mention, my husband got the flu and was in bed for the entire weekend, so I was all alone in this. Lucky for me, I have good friends. My guy Aaron (aka Get the Scoop [...]
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Behind the Scenes

Hello Friends! I know I've been missing in action the last few days, that's because I've had my head down while working hard on a new blog redesign. This is something I've had on my to-do list for a long, long time. It's been two years since I launched the first version of the current design, back when I moved from blogger to wordpress. Since then I've done a lot of tweaking and am really happy with the blog in it's current state. I am restless though, I love coding CSS and I have had this re-design project on the radar for a whole year. I'd thought I'd take a sec and let you in on some of the behind the scenes details for those of you who are interested. I am using Thesis 1.8.5 via wordpress to run the current site. This theme is great and I feel like I'm pretty proficient with it, but a year and half ago, DIY themes (the creators of the Thesis theme), rolled out the new version Thesis 2, and discontinued updates of the old Thesis 1. I knew to stay current I would eventually have to take the plunge and tackle Thesis 2. The new version requires a complete site rebuild - there is no easy transition from old to new here. I saw it as an opportunity to update the site, and see what this new version of Thesis could do. I've basically built this skin from the ground up. Thesis allows for drag and drop layout of HTML containers and boxes. This means that I can create almost anything I dream up. The other great thing is that I can change the layout from page to page. Meaning the blog doesn't have to exist Get the Scoop [...]
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