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Mix Tape : It’s GD Cold

Hey Guys! It kind of sucks outside if you haven't noticed. I am telling this cold weather to take a serious hike, and here's my new mix just to prove it. Also, I've had a hell of a 24 hours, my blog is on the fritz, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna READ MORE
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Mix Tape : Christmas Jamz

Ho, Ho, Ho! Now that is officially Christmas music listening to time (post Nov 15), I am bestowing upon you the very best in christmas jamz. I consider myself a connoisseur of the best holiday tuneages. I practically love all Christmas music READ MORE
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Best Bruce Weekend Recap!

Hello my friends! This weekend with Bruce was a total success!! We made it to the pit both nights, luck was on our side! The first night I had my first experience touching Bruce as he landed on top of me during "Hungry Heart," while crowd surfing READ MORE
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Mix Tape : Cold Weather Jamz

Hey E'rbody! Man, that cold that I had last week has really gotten me out of the blogging rhythm. Not only that, Finn's new preschool schedule in conjunction with having a fourth kid in the house on Monday's has put a wrench in my day-to-day READ MORE
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Mix Tape : End of Summer Jamz

I don't know if you know this about me but I kinda love me some jam listening. Seriously though, my husband Jeff and I have spent the last 15 years working on a pretty extensive and deep vinyl collection. It's almost all great with barely any junk. READ MORE
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