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Cleaning up the Coffee Zone

Kitchen Coffee Zone (Before & After)
So I have a list about a mile long (not kidding) of all the things I need to get done around the house before the baby comes. One of them being to organize and clean up the kitchen. I took on a small area of the kitchen this weekend and updated our coffee nook. This nook is an odd space in our house, it used to be the entrance of the back stairway that connected the 2nd level and the kitchen. It has since been closed off and in it’s place remains this funny nook. This spot had always been the home of our coffee maker, but it was starting to get too crowded and messy, and needed a face lift. I purchased this little Stenstrop shelf at Ikea which was 100% perfect for my space. The color and shape of the shelf matched my cabinetry perfectly and the hooks underneath provided good cup storage. Sitting above the shelf is my coffee (regular and decaf), as well as my lovely little McCoy strawberry patterned creamer and sugar jar. Below the shelf I now have room for all of my gadgets, like the coffee maker, coffee grinder and toaster!

My New/Old Danish Enamel Pitcher
I picked up this sweet little danish enamel pitcher with a woven handle on etsy and it’s now making a home to all of my cooking utensils. Originally I had all the utensils mounted on a wall rack, as you can see in the “before” photo pictured above, but it just wasn’t working and made the whole space look messier. I like the look of this pitcher much better, plus I love adding more yellow to this dark corner of the kitchen.

Coffee Zone
Here’s the bigger picture. You can kind of get a feel for the space, the walls are turquoise, a color I chose because of the copper tiled backsplash that came with the house, and I have accented everything with yellow, because a.) yellow and turquoise look awesome together, and b.) I needed to get my yellow formica table that I couldn’t live without into the kitchen.

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