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Spring Barware

My friend Cam gifted me this super awesome barware set recently. I am in love. We used it for the first time this weekend it works well with Gin drinks. It even comes with it’s own insulated yellow cup koozies, I mean,does it get any better?

It’s currently on display on my buffet. I’ve never had a bar set up before but I’m loving this because of all the yellow. It makes my dining room feel ready for spring, I think I’ll keep it up for awhile. Hopefully it doesn’t mean I’m a total boozer, I just enjoy a good cocktail.

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  • Julia March 28, 2012

    Oh wow, that yellow is just perfect. I would happily join you for a gin and tonic any day!

    • Scoops March 28, 2012

      Come on over :)

  • Mieze March 28, 2012

    One of my favorite colors, and definitely one of my favorite drinks. Perfect!

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