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Dark Blue & Yellow Door
Hello, My name is Alison Allen and I am crazy with a capital “C”. I just spent a lot of time hanging out with photoshop and pretending what my house may or may not look like after this summer’s paint job.

Below (and above) you will find 3 potential paint and door options, take a look and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your opinions, as I am driving myself insane.

Grey & Yellow Door

Light Grey & Red Door
Did you notice that I also photoshopped a new foundation garden into the above images? Just another project I’d like to get underway this summer. What do you think? I need some gardeners out there giving me feedback because I barely know what I am doing.

Here’s a birds-eye-view of the garden so you can get a feel for the layout.

And of course the break down:
1. Peegee Hydrangea – I love the look of these and am dying to have one in my yard but I am worried that they can get too big. I want mine to consistently stay a small size. So what’s the deal, do they get to be really big, can I prune them to stay a certain size, or is there a specific variety that would suit my needs?

2. Impatiens with pink center – In the past I’ve always gotten pretty fancy with my window box, but this year I think I’m gonna keep it simple and just go with white Impatiens.

3. Pink Azaleas – I would like to have some pink out in the front of the house but I am not sure what type of plant would be best for this area, I am debating between Pink Azaleas or Hot Pink Phlox.

4. Hot Pink Phlox – I have pink phlox like this in my backyard and I really like them. They get to be about 18″ tall, which is a nice size. I wouldn’t want anything to be much taller. It’s either the Phlox or Azaleas, any opinions out there?

5. Hosta – This is the Guacamole variety of Hosta. I would like to find a type that produces big lime green leaves and can handle a little sun. Any suggestions are welcomed.

6. Small Profusion White Zinnia – I’m considering having either Zinnias or Alyssum for the border of the garden. I love both and I’m not sure what would do better out front.

7. Alyssum – Alyssum are awesome border flowers because they grows and fill in so quickly and smell great. What do you think I should do, Alyssum or Zinnia’s?

Sorry for being a big baby on this post. I know I can’t make up my mind. These are big decisions and I suck at making them. I would really seriously love to hear what you have to say.

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  • jessica March 23, 2012

    I love the second house colours. Great yellow front door. Although I’m partial to the red because Chinese tradition says that it brings money flowing through your door! Although it hasn’t quite worked for us yet…

    • Laurax March 23, 2012

      I agree with Jessica. I like the lighter gray for the house and would really like you to fulfill your yellow door dream….BUT that is the best color red. I just bought a pair of paints that color so your door could look as awesome as my legs…okay. yeah. I don’t know anything about plants. Go Alison, GO!

  • CAM March 23, 2012

    I still just love the red door and red window boxes!

  • Roonz March 23, 2012

    I love the light grew house with the yellow door. It’s beautiful!

  • Martha March 23, 2012

    the middle image seems like it doesn’t have enough contrast… I’d go for 1 or 3.

    • Scoops March 23, 2012

      I agree with you. I was thinking it needed to be darker too.

  • Scoops March 23, 2012

    Ladies! I guess it’s unanimous, the 2nd house color is your fav.

    There is still dispute over red door/yellow door. If you know me, you know I am a red girl. Red lipstick, red sunglasses red anything else. I’ve always done red. Part of me says that would be a good enough reason to do red again, and part of me says that I should broaden my horizons and go yellow. Still don’t know which way that will be in the end.

    Question: If I were to go red for an accent, I’m not sure I could have hot pink flowers in the front garden. What other combination would you suggest? Green, White and?? Red?

    Thanks to all of you for your feedbackz!

    • jessica March 23, 2012

      You could always do yellow flowers and get your yellow fix that way? Purple would look good if you go for the yellow door…so many options. I’m excited for you.

  • Callie March 23, 2012

    The first and second are my favorites (yay! you’re going with the second! great choice!).

    I would definitely go with a deep, rich yellow door. It’ll be a bit more modern than a traditional red door and will really pop against both the white trim and the gray base. It would also be great to push yourself to a style that you love but aren’t really familiar with. And, worst case scenario, if you do it and decide you can’t stand it, it will be a lot easier to cover yellow with red than the other way around.

    Team Yellow Door!

  • Hyla March 23, 2012

    I like the first one the best

  • Heidi March 24, 2012

    Dark blue and yellow fo sho.

  • Jennifer March 25, 2012

    I love all of your options, but the grey and yellow is my absolute favorite. Traditional modern with a punch of Pow! Good luck!

  • Scoops March 26, 2012

    Thanks everybody for the feedback. My head is still swimming. I am still torn between the dark blue with yellow door or grey with yellow door. I am also considering the trim around the storm windows a dark dark grey or black. So much to think about.

    I really appreciate everybody’s input!

  • Alexa March 27, 2012

    I like the first or second one best but I agree about the contrast comments. The yellow REALLY pops against the dark blue. I think the grey would be slammin’ if it was darker, cloer to the depth of the blue. The only other thing is…grey seems to be a pretty popular color to paint houses. It might be a bit more unique and still awesome to use the blue? I LOVE those pink flowers against the yellow too!

    • Scoops March 28, 2012

      Hey Alexa,
      I keep flip flopping. Now I think I might be leaning towards the blue. We have a few paint contractors coming this week and I’m hoping to find someone with expertise who can guide me in the right direction. I am also hoping there might be a few tricks we can use to highlight some of the architectural details. We will see. Who would think that choosing a color would be such a struggle?

      You are right, grey is super popular right now, I’m just so torn. Thanks for the feedback on the flowers. I think I’m finally starting to embrace a little pink in my life.

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