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All aboard the color blocking train!

Yeah, I just did that. I totally couldn’t help picking up that small jar of pink fluorescent paint last week at the hardware store. I’ve been on a total pink and black and white kick ever since I made Cam’s shower invitations in April. It’s even inspired the recent look of the blog. So yeah, throwing that can of paint in my cart was a no brainer. If you haven’t noticed color blocking has been showing up all over the internet, and I needed to get in on the action. I just HAD to color block the crap out of some stuff. My first victim is my bed side table. Those pink legs look pretty damn good with my yellow lamp, wouldn’t you say?

Another photo in case you needed more.

And for good measure, Bruce.

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  • Martha May 10, 2012

    neighbors of mine have one of those little tables on their porch and I always wonder where it came from… is it a discontinued IKEA item like I think it is or something fancy?

    • Scoops May 10, 2012

      Yes! You are totally correct. The table is Ikea circa 2004, just a cheap little $9.99 guy. I used to have two but alas, the white veneer surcommed to too many water stains. I like that maybe it fooled you as fancy though.

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