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Wrapping Paper in a Pinch

Last Minute Wrapping Paper
Not having wrapping paper in the house happens to me more than I like to admit. So often, when there is wrapping paper it’s for the wrong occasion or there’s not enough left on a roll to cover half a present.

We’re celebrating Jeff’s birthday tonight and I realized, once again, that I was short on paper. In a pinch I grabbed a few paper shopping bags, cut them to size, and wrapped the packages. Then with my white gel pen I went to town adding my favorite triangle pattern to one gift and some birthday-bunting to another. Finn and Gus personalized their presents to DAD too. I thought the end result looked cute and sweet and wanted to share with you, just in case you ever find yourself in my situation :)

Last Minute Wrapping Paper

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  • Erin September 28, 2012

    Love this. I think adding your own drawings makes it way better than just having pretty wrapping paper. HBD WAFF!!!!

    • Scoops October 2, 2012

      I agree, I think I might always make my own paper.

  • Annie October 2, 2012

    So adorable and simple! Love this idea.

  • Caroline October 2, 2012

    What a great idea! I made a last minute panic when I forgot my Mum’s birthday the other week. Having searched the internet I found a great site called http://www.domandgeri.com who do personalised cards and wrapping paper (which I’d never seen before). They were my saviour! I uploaded a picture of the two of us to my card and matching wrapping paper and was able to personalise the text too. I don’t think my Mum even realised it was late, she loved the personalised touch and even kept them. I would highly recommend the company and my products came next day even though I had only paid for first class delivery.

    • Scoops October 2, 2012

      Cool idea, I’ll have to check that out sometime.

  • desteny♡ December 11, 2013

    That’s so creative!:) I love how original and different it looks from other warping paper..and the cool thing is this works for birthdays and other to caissons too…because it dose not have santas and all that :)

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