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Winter Window Boxes

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When it comes to my window boxes I tend to get competitive. There are some homeowners out there who are so damn good at arranging beautiful window boxes no matter what the season. I want to be one of them and am envious of their arranging skills. My goal is to rank among the fancy ones this season. Watch out pine, spruce, and other wonderful fall things – I’m coming for you.

I’ve been searching pinterest, flickr and good old google image search for inspiration and here are some of my favorite finds. These are window boxes that I would be jealous of, aren’t you? My fav is the first with the limey green bows because I am a sucker for lime green and I love how it is offset by the red. The arrangement with the white accents offers some great inspiration. I’ve put together boxes before with fall clippings from my yard and gone to town spray painting hydrangea, sticks and pine cones white. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to throw together a cohesive look

Do you put out fall arrangements? Do you buy your stash or hunt and gather, what are your best tips and tricks? I wanna know!

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