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Hey Guys, I wanted to take a sec and invite you to follow my official Deuce Cities Henhouse Instagram account (@deucecitieshenhouse). I know some of you have been following me already at(@scoopers), and — although that’s totally tyte of you — I can only imagine you are probably getting sick seeing my kids ALL THE TIME. If you like that kind of thing, please continue to follow me there.

But, if you are also interested in photos from around my house, pretty vignettes, grams I find inspiring and a few choice cute-kid-pics, then please add my official Deuce Cities Henhouse account, too. I hope that @deucecitieshenhouse will be a beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, and well-curated stream of photos.

P.S. It’s totally my bday today so be extra awesome and follow along!

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  • jessica December 4, 2012

    Happy Birthday from the wild Canadian frontier!

  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com December 5, 2012

    Happy birthday from a Saint Paul! I hope it was a good one. Funny, the longer I have a blog, the more I let my personal stuff show/become merged. I recently managed to get my instagram feed added. Happy belated!

    • Scoops December 5, 2012

      Hey Meg, Thanks!

      Yeah, I don’t mind if mine personal and blog-life merge, I just feel like I can do a better job curating good content if I have a specific account for the Henhouse. I also feel bad for my buddies that are my friends in real life and don’t care about my blog. I don’t want to annoy them with interior posts of my house when they don’t even care. It just felt like a good time to (in the words of The Offspring) keep ’em separated.

      • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com December 5, 2012

        It makes sense and I totally get it and I’m sure I irritate my friends and probably blog followers too at times. I find that now that I’ve been reading a whole bunch of blogs over the period of several years, the bloggers who have a distinct voice and show their real selves are the ones that most hold my interest. To me, its a win-win whichever way you do it, I’m always looking for entertaining/inspiring/delightful online content.

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