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Vintage Industrial Lighting Options for the Kitchen
A new line of lighting from Ikea currently not available in the states, I hope we’ll be seeing it soon.

You wouldn’t think that choosing lighting would be so hard, but for me it is. I don’t often get the chance to replace lighting in my house with cool new lighting, and the task of choosing something is stressing me out. Originally I thought I would get the Hektar light from Ikea to place in the main area of the kitchen, but after almost pulling the trigger, I wimped out – the size of it is just too big. I do love the look of the Hektar, but combine the ceiling height with my super tall husband and there just isn’t enough room for it all.

While I was at Ikea I did grab myself two of the small Hektar pendant lamps for the pantry and mudroom areas, and I totally love them. More to come on that in that next kitchen update post. As a stop gap for the main kitchen lighting, I picked up a $30 Foto lamp from Ikea, not knowing how long it would be before I actually found the perfect fixture. So here I go on a mission to find the most awesome lighting for the kitchen. Above is a list of my favorites so far, although I am sure that will change as I continue to hunt.

I’ve got a big crush on enamel shades right now, I don’t think I would’ve predicted that I would have been so obsessed 6 months ago, but I am. I guess I’m worried that this is just a phase and I’ll get over it, and then I won’t like my light anymore. I think the prudent thing to do is wait a bit more before I lock in – I mean, I gotta see how the kitchen comes together. I am really excited to find the best light ever though, I kinda think it’s gonna be the icing on the cake you guys.

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  • Erin October 8, 2013

    Sccops, Jordan and I finally rpelaced the light in our kitchen after a ridiculous amount of time with just bare bulbs. One thing we found out was that (at least in our kitchen) we had to have a light that shone in all directions. I tried one like you have above, but since the light gets directed down in one direction, it was more like a spotlight than anything else and it left the rest of the kitchen shadowy. Since it is the only llight in there besides the pendant over the sink it just didn’t work. Could also just be our weird angled ceiling making things more difficult as well. The other thing that took some time was finding a light with at least 300W (of incandescent bulb power), as anything less was too dark. Good luck light shopping, can’t wait to see what you get!

    • Scoops October 9, 2013

      Roonz you are right, these are all things I didn’t think about. I don’t mind the more dramatic lighting, but I know it already is driving Jeff crazy. I am also installing under cabinet lighting too, so work spaces will be illuminated! I am thinking hard about option #5 in aqua!! It can handle 3 – 100 watt bulbs too. I think I might install a dimmer switch for the more moodier times in life. Thanks for your wisdom!

      • Erin October 10, 2013

        I love #5 in aquas! I think with the shallower shades and three bulbs plus the cabinet lighting you’ll be all set! Can’t wait to see the final look!

  • Laura October 8, 2013

    I don’t know if the pendant (#1) is in yet, but they have the desk/task lamp of that line in at the Mpls Ikea and I saw it last week and it is everything beautiful and magical and wonderous…White enamel/brass accents/black and white cloth cord=my perfect sewing machine table lamp.

    • Scoops October 9, 2013

      Laura! I so love these new lights, how did I miss them when I was at Ikea last week. I guess that’s what happens when you shop with a mission. I totally want the floor lamp for my living room, and I think this pendant is the dreamiest.

  • Lindy October 8, 2013

    I second Erin’s comment about the directional nature of these lights, shining down and not all around. I love the enamel trend, but haven’t been able to use it in my house due to a lack of other ambient light. And this girl hates shadows! But some of the shallower fixtures like #5 and #6 might not have the same problem.

    • Scoops October 9, 2013

      Hey Lindy! Yeah, you are right, Erin is right, I’m totally wrong – but in love. I think I need something that can give off more light too, I am seriously crushing on #5 currently – it is the front runner for me right now

  • Belinda October 10, 2013

    I think #3 or #4 are great options and for me it would come down to size and scale in the space available, and whether to go standard or bit oversize to make a statement.
    I would LOVE new lighting in my kitchen and have been coveting these (Im in Australia)…
    … But the credit card just can’t take anymore!
    Great point about the directional vs spot lighting. Still, we can dream!!!

  • jessica October 11, 2013

    Do number 5. It is awesome.

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