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Freshly Painted White Kitchen Cabinets
The best thing ever happened yesterday, after 6 weeks of what seemed like non stop painting I finally finished the kitchen cabinets! Man, I had no idea when I started how tedious it was going to be to paint these things. I figured it would be easy to just paint a few as a time (which I would still do again as opposed to all at once) as I casually made my way around the room. The thing is, painting cabinets is never fun, no matter what! I know that now. I think I probably spent about 4-6 hours per cabinet; there was 24 cabinets and 4 cabinet drawers. It took me longer in the pantry area where I was repairing and painting the old cabinets – there was lots of extra patching, sanding and all around TLC needed. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t spend at least an two hours in the dark lonely basement painting cabinets. It was the worst. I am so happy to be done, and even happier with the results.

I am sure some of you thought I was a little nuts going from cream colored cabinets to white, but fer real, this bright white (All White by Farrow & Ball) makes such a difference in the room. I love it so mucho. I am writing this post in the kitchen, just so I can hang out in here – that would’ve never happened before.

I am excited to get moving on the backsplash tiling, I’ll be diving right in this weekend. I am a little scared, but have done my homework, and I feel like I can pull this off. After tiling is done, I can paint the rest of the room and get started on some smaller end-of-game projects. I am getting so excited to see everything come together, you guys! When the tile is finished it will be the greatest victory of all time! Also, I am happy to report that somehow I am right on target with my timeline. Maybe this kitchen will be done by Thanksgiving after all…

Freshly Painted White Kitchen Cabinets

New Microwave in the Kitchen
In other news, Waff (aka Jeff, aka my old man) and I installed a new microwave! This is a huge deal for us because we totally suck balls at working together. We got this baby installed on a Saturday night with no swears at all, and after, we drank victory beers. It was the greatest. Having a new microwave is the best! I hated that old one, it was so dirty, and grungy, and gross. This one is cool, and the settings typeface is in Futura, so I’m into it.

Did you notice my new lights? I hung two of the Hektar lights from Ikea in the pantry and mudroom areas. I love the look of them from this part of the room. The old fixtures were flush mounted so you couldn’t even see them until you walked into the space. Now I can see these lights hanging all the way from the entry way, so much better if you ask me. I solved my pull chain problem by grabbing one of these bulb converter things when I was out at the hardware store. The fixtures look like they actually came with the pull chain, and I didn’t even have to electrocute myself trying to hardwire them.

Also, notice the difference between the nice white in the pantry and the drab cream grossness of the mudroom. Now you see what I am saying, dawgz? I can’t wait to whip that mudroom into shape, and I really can’t wait to paint all of the walls. After all the cabinet painting, wall painting actually sounds fun.

Foto Pendant
Just for reference, this is the big Foto pendant I hung in the main kitchen area. I actually like how big and dramatic it is, but the tall people in my house do not. Hence my post from the other day about kitchen lighting. We’re still testing it out, maybe we can make a compromise down the road, I dunno.

Repairing our Backsplash
I gotta run you guys! I’m like a crazy mad lady over here. I am frantically patching this wall shit up, and getting ready to tile this weekend! Gotta stay on schedule, ya know. Can’t wait for the next progress post, it’s gonna be so good, I just know it!

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  • Becky October 10, 2013

    Looks great! Thanks for the motivation today – I’m in the midst of painting my kitchen cabinets and it feels like it’s never going to end. I’m also relieved to hear that other couples do a lot of swearing at each other during home improvements and celebrate with victory beers .

  • Shannon October 11, 2013

    Seriously, what an awesome transformation already! Excited to see the tile in place!

    • Scoops October 12, 2013

      Thanks Shannon! I am excited to see the tile too…

  • Lori October 11, 2013

    Lookin good! I am loving these updates because you are doing it in chunks, and its not one of those posts that is just a before and an after. I like the realness of this :) I totally understand how much better you feel with the white cabinetry over the beige. We have beige everything and I hate it, but don’t want to paint the trim (lazy). Great job, and good luck on the tile! Can’t wait to see that!!

    • Scoops October 12, 2013

      Thanks Lori! You are not lazy, you are smart! Painting trim or cabinets is such a big project to take on – even though in theory it sounds easy. I don’t blame you for just letting them be, I let mine be for almost 4 years.

  • jessica October 11, 2013

    YES! You are my cabinet painting guru. Thanks for the inspiration and yeah that tile is going to be the shit!

    • Scoops October 12, 2013

      I know, I can’t wait for the tile. It will be the best.

  • Meg October 14, 2013

    I love those cabinets! Super jelly right now. Also love that black runner! Where is it from might I ask?

    • Scoops October 24, 2013

      Hey, Sorry it took so long for my response. The rug pattern is called arrowhead and it’s by Nate Berkus for Target. I saw a few the last time I was there – but the line has been out since the spring. They probably won’t be around for long.

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