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Basement Hang Space Inspiration

Nordic Inspiration for a Basement Renovation
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Hola Pals! We’re back from our vacay in Tulum, Mexico. It was pretty great, except for that 48 hours I spent in bed puking my guts out, but whatever. I’ll share a recap of the funner side of the trip in a coming post because the other 60 hours in Mexico were pretty amazing.

Even though it wasn’t the vacation I was dreaming of, I did come back feeling really refreshed and focused. I’m excited to get to work on our biggest project yet! We’ll be gutting our old dingy basement and making it awesome. It will change the way we use our house and I can’t wait! I’ve got a few other smaller projects in the works too – if only I had enough time for it all ;)

As it is with almost any project I take on around the house, it starts with inspiration. I can’t do it all willy–nilly like. A goal and vision are what help get me through a project, and keep me focused. I’m excited to share potential floor plans in an upcoming post – I can’t wait to share my ideas. Our hope is to transform the basement from 600 feet of unusable space into a fully functioning family hang zone with a living space, game area, storage, second bathroom and a laundry area.

I really hope when it’s all said and done it will be reminiscent of some of these interiors that I’m inspired by. We want a bright white space with floors to match, a grey sectional, tons of black and white accents, pillows and throws. The winter months aren’t my favorite time of year, but I do have a soft spot for that muted grey winter light thats only achievable during a Minnesota winter. I think that very specific soft light is a big reason behind my love of Scandinavian interiors. I really, really love them, and I think the basement would be the perfect place to let my ScandiLove rip.

Nordic Inspiration for a Basement Renovation

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Nordic Inspiration for a Basement Renovation

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We’re going to be setting up meetings with contractors and design/build places in the coming weeks. If you live in the Twin Cities area and have any recommendations on basement pros please let me know about it! Thanks in advance bros!

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  • Katie January 22, 2015

    Exciting stuff! You’re right about the grey winter light, it’s so calming. I live in the area, and am also planning a basement remodel this year, so I’m really looking forward to hearing who you work with and any recommendations you get! I think one of the most difficult parts of renovation is finding someone affordable, and trustworthy to work with.

    • Scoops January 28, 2015

      I know, I’m having trouble with that too. I’ve gotten a few promising recommendations though and I have an architect friend who knows some peoples. I will let you know more as I go.

  • Leslie January 22, 2015

    I live in SW Mpls and redid my basement last spring — had a WONDERFUL experience. Here are two blog posts I did on that renovation (including links to my contractor). Good luck!

    • Scoops January 28, 2015

      Leslie! Holy balls, your basement looks beautiful! I’m going back right now to check out what else you’ve been up to. Thanks for the links!

  • Claire January 23, 2015

    Ten thumbs up for this concept!

    • Scoops January 28, 2015

      Yeah! Glad you are into it! I like it more and more all the time :)

  • Anna January 31, 2015

    Love the inspiration photos! We did a DIY renovation of our basement a number of years ago and love spending time there, especially in the winter (warmest place in the house and probably the only place with any insulation). Only recently it occurred to me that we should probably test for radon, especially given how much time we spend down there. Sure enough we had high levels and finally got a mitigation system installed. So long story short I highly recommend testing for radon at the outset!

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