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Beak & Cam = Baby (Part 3)

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Beak & Cam = BABY (Part 2)

Hey Guys! Remember back in March when I posted about helping my friends Beak & Cam get the nursery together for their soon to be arriving baby girl? Well, we're still at it. Cam and Erin (aka Roonz, aka Roonstuff) and myself got together last night and whipped this room into shape. In a few short hours (fueled by delicious lasagna) we assembled the crib and changing table, painted the paneling READ MORE
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Beak & Cam = Baby (Part 1)

I'm really excited about this post! Some of my dearest friendthrens in the whole world, Cam & Beak (legendary hip hop producer) are having a baby this July. That means their girl babe and my Gus will be less than a year apart!!!! So excited about this. Cam is in charge of this nursery while Beak is out on tour and asked me for some nursery advice, and you know me, I was happy to oblige. I'm READ MORE
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A Baby Shower in the Garden

We spent a wonderful day this weekend celebrating my good friend Cam (and by association Beak) and her soon to be baby girl. I am so honored to have been able to throw a shower for these two (plus one). They are some fine people and a few of my dearest friends. I am thrilled beyond words for them to soon be parents. Enough with the mushy stuff though: check out the party. There are not going READ MORE
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I’m out numbered, by a lot!

I might be crazy, but I took on watching my good friend's baby girl, Penny, on Mondays. Yesterday was our first day together, and I'm happy to report we all survived. You might remember that I helped Penny's mom and dad (Beak & Cam) get the nursery together prior to Penny's arrival. My mom might not have known what she was getting into but she volunteered to help get me through my first few READ MORE
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