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We spent a wonderful day this weekend celebrating my good friend Cam (and by association Beak) and her soon to be baby girl. I am so honored to have been able to throw a shower for these two (plus one). They are some fine people and a few of my dearest friends. I am thrilled beyond words for them to soon be parents.

Enough with the mushy stuff though: check out the party.

There are not going to be many chances for me to throw a girl party, since it’s all boys around here 24/7. So, I went all out with the girl vibes. I am the stereotypical tomboy; pink has never been my thing. But for some crazy reason that I can’t explain I’ve been really digging it lately. Trust me, it’s weird. I let pink be my guide and it took me to all sorts of frilly and girly places.

I went decoration crazy! I bought this super cool pennant banner on etsy, handmade from vintage sheets. Totally love it, AND, I am going to re-gift it to Cam. I think it would look awesome in her baby girl’s nursery. I quickly threw together the crepe paper ruffle streamers too. It was so easy! I’m gonna be posting more on that tomorrow.

There were rice paper daisies hanging from overhead—a perfectly sweet backdrop for the girly garden vibes.

Look! There is two different kinds of sangria! Our afternoon garden party ended at midnight thanks to this stuff.

There’s that cake. SO EASY, make it for your next party! DO IT!

Paper straws with washi tape flags.

The Menu
Tea Sandwiches:
&#9660 Cucumber Dill with Cream Cheese
&#9660 Salmon with Crème Fraiche

&#9660 Orzo Salad with Arugula
&#9660 Pink Fruit with watermelon, raspberries, strawberries and grapefruit

&#9660 Profiteroles with tarragon chicken salad
&#9660 Curried Deviled Eggs
&#9660 Dill Deviled Eggs
&#9660 Radishes with awesome butter and salt

&#9660 Lemonade infused with Basil & Mint
&#9660 Red & White Sangria

All of these wonderful things were prepared by a fantastic dude who was a huge help in getting all this together: Mr. Matt Scharenbroich. It pays to have chef friends. You should get some.

On the left, the beautiful momma to be. Totally lovin’ her in stripes. On the right, Finn and his Auntie Katie.

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  • Cuda May 22, 2012

    What a beautiful shower! I love your blog! After reading about the cake in the other post I was surprised because I thought your inspiration for the cake came from glorious treats. This is the ombre cake I’d like to attempt someday. http://glorioustreats.blogspot.com/2011/08/pink-ombre-swirl-cake.html

    There’s a spring cake on that blog too that uses the same icing technique that looks like petals. Keep the beautiful posts coming!

    • Scoops May 22, 2012

      Cuda –
      Thanks so much for the compliments and encouragement!

      I have seen that cake around pinterest too but only after I spotted the other that I mentioned. They are all so beautiful. I haven’t read Glorious Treats before so I’m gonna have to snoop around, it looks like my kind of blog.


  • Caitlin May 22, 2012

    Loving the retro hot pink vibes :) The tablecloth reminds me of the sixties textiles that we still use at our family cottage; all the curtains and cushions are so girly and groovy!

    • Scoops May 23, 2012

      Thanks Caitlin!
      That table cloth is totally an old vintage bed sheet. You guessed it :)

  • Emily @ Peck Life May 22, 2012

    This is beautiful! I love all of the hand-written touches. :)

  • Annie May 23, 2012

    You are such a gangster! Balls…

  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com May 29, 2012

    What a pretty party! I am curious about how you served the radishes with butter and salt. Together, or side by side? That cake and your decs are awesome. I want to throw a party asap.

    • Scoops May 30, 2012

      Thanks Meg! Oh we had good intentions with those radishes. They were supposed to be served in a salty herbed butter sauce but in the last minutes of prep we ran out of time but the sign remained.

      • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com October 10, 2012

        I finally had my shower and got tons of great ideas from your’s. Mine was a lot smaller scale, but turned out great. Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  • Annie May 30, 2012

    Fantastic party and I just love your blog- so inspirational! Where have you found your vintage lace-looking glassware? I’ve seen a pitcher and tall tumbler here and there, but is there a specific place you found those adorable little multi-colored low tumblers? I live in Minneapolis and have tried to find a variety of colors at different antique stores around the city but have had no luck; any help would be appreciated!

    • Scoops May 30, 2012

      Thanks Annie.
      My Grandma and Grandpa had the glassware up at their lake place when I was growing up. I’ve found a lot of the collection via ebay, it’s called spaghetti string glassware. The lace effect is actually rubber and was meant to prevent the glass from shattering if it were to break. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Usually you can find the low tumblers by searching “roly poly spaghetti string glassware” or something like that. Here’s a link to an ebay search. Hope that helps!

  • Mari, smallforbig.com June 6, 2012

    Oh my gosh, this is sooooo pretty and still nice and simple. Really great ideas.

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