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I just wanted to take a sec and share with you a few inexpensive party decorations that are easy and quick to do, and totally will improve your party vibes.

For Cam’s shower I needed to bring my pink game, so I was all about finding easy ways to have pink shades show up all around my garden. A super easy thing to do is go in your garage and grab an old clay pot or two, or three, or ten, and spray paint them white. Then with a $3.50 jar of neon pink paint, paint the bottom for instant color-blocking-coolness . Fill those suckers with flowers and you have an quick and easy centerpiece for less than the cost of a bouquet of flowers.

You can’t have a party without some refreshments. And if you’re gonna have refreshments you probably need some party straws. There are all sorts of suppliers out there who sell paper straws. I always go straight to etsy for my cutesie party supply needs. I found these guys for $7.50 over at the seller Pretty Little Party. I already have a collection of washi tape, and if you don’t you should get some. It makes tons of everyday things way awesomer. I hang all my kids artwork and stuff with it, love it more than magnets. Anyway, I always buy mine from Pretty Tape, another Etsy seller. Once you have your tape and your straws, just wrap some tape around the straw, and cut out your “notched banner flag shape” with a scissors. Easy.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist grabbing some crepe paper when I was at the party store. I didn’t know if I was gonna use it or not, but I figured I could spare the 99 cents a roll that it cost and figure it out later. After doing some quick research on the internet I decided I would give ruffled crepe paper a try. I grabbed my sewing machine and 15 minutes later I had about 30 feet of this wonderful stuff. If you follow the tutorial over at Dana Made It, you won’t have any troubles.

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  • Hayley @mylemonayde May 23, 2012

    Inspirational craft, thankyou for sharing. This post makes me want to throw a party!! Party for one maybe. I love the ruffled crepe paper, too cute. H x

    • Scoops May 24, 2012

      Thanks Hayley! I’m glad they inspire you, and I hope maybe some others too ;)

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