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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Bros, I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on my three (god damn right) Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. They are all insanely large at this point. I've trimmed each of them back at least once, if not twice. Trimming back the trees gives my porch ceiling a little breathing room (ya know?), and if you trim your plant back right after a leafing out point, often times you'll end up with multiple READ MORE
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House Plants : ZZ Plant

Hey Guys! I wasn't expecting to take so much time in-between-posts, I had put this one all together and hoped to finish it during the course of a long train ride, but instead I just decided to not finish it. The fam and I went on a much needed vacation last week. The boys have finally reached an age where the make decent traveling companions. We headed out to the west coast to start our vacation READ MORE
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House Plants : Spider Plant

Hey Guys! So excited that it's almost the weekend, my girlfriends (aka the She'Vaughns) and I have a whole 48 hours away from life, where we plan on mad chilling and drankin' large amounts of champagne. It will be amazing. I've got another indoor house plant for you today, the spider plant (aka the airplane plant). This one is a good one for all you "brown thumbs" out there as it's very forgiving, READ MORE
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Hello cool people of the internet! So, you guys seemed pretty into this house plants idea, which is awesome because I really wanted to do it! It's tons of fun for me, not only do I have a good time photographing and writing about plants, it also gets me amped for spring. This week has been kinda nuts, but I can just tell spring is coming! I mentioned it instagram last week, but both my boys injured READ MORE
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House Plants : Oxalis

Whazzup! I thought it might be cool to do this thing where I share with you guys my favorite house plants. What da ya think? I know a lot of people feel intimated by plants, but I don't think a brown thumb should be anything that prevents someone from trying. I've killed so many plants in my day, and I'm sure I have more to kill in my future. I always see it as a learning experience; did I give READ MORE
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