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Basement Remodel : Week 2

Hey Guys! Lots to share with you this week. My kids are out at Grammy Camp (aka an awesome-fun-time with their Grandma, and an even better more productive time for me) and I've got plans to get tons done around the blog. Anyway, I wanted to start with a quick little basement update. I meant to share where we were at last week, but then the cabyn lyfe took over and I never got around to it. Sorr-izzle. Today READ MORE
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I am so excited to share this post! It's been a long time and a lot of long weekends in the making. I started our cabin bathroom remodel at the end of July last summer. Our cabin is a busy place, and we needed our small bathroom to stand up to all the traffic. More than anything it needed to be efficient and functional, but also look the best! Let's take a look back at where it started... READ MORE
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I kind of dropped the ball when it came to really putting the finishing touches on the basement decor. It was such a massive project, and I had done so much of the hard work myself that by the time the paint was up and the wallpaper was hung, I just didn’t have it in me to really decorate. I wanted to take a physical and mental break. READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 1

Hi guys. I actually started working on the basement bathroom. I mean how long have I been talking about this dumb bathroom? If you guessed one long stupid year, you're correct! I finally made my to-do list/timeline, purchased some supplies, ordered some tile, stopped being a baby about it, and actually began to do it. Yesterday was my first day of real work, so I guess this title is a little READ MORE
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Reveal : The Basement Family Room

Friends and pals! Almost a year ago we started the process of having our basement remodeled. It's been an exciting, stressful, and messy project but we are so happy that it's finally over. We are so glad we decided to move ahead with the renovation because it has totally changed the way we live in our house! Winter has been manageable this year now that we have a sweet in-home-retreat to relax READ MORE
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