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Office Gear for My Office

Guysers! I’m excited about this post because it’s about an office, and I have one of those now! I’ve been carving out a spot in our house for a real home office, I need a work space now that I’ll be blogging way more often. Did you hear that? I’ll be blogging tons now, I’m going for it! I’ve been able to post a lot more the last few weeks, which has been feeling incredibly awesome to do. I hope you guys are enjoying the extra posts as well. It’s almost the most cliché thing I could say, but I feel like a new person now that I have time to dedicate to doing something that I truly love and enjoy. My kids are cool and all, but being creative and working is what makes me tick. I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on a business idea that I’ve been exploring the past few months, more on that in coming weeks though.

I’ve decided that my work base will be in the upstairs sunroom, it’s a good quiet place with lots of chill vibes. The sunroom has always been one of my favorite spaces in the house, I like being around all my plants, and it’s bright and sunny, which I think will do wonders for my state of mind in the winter months. In case you’re not familiar with this space, it’s a small four season porch right off our master bedroom and had been functioning as a place for us to unwind, consume a cocktail or two, and watch some of the old idiot box at the end of a day. The thing is though, we haven’t used it for doing anything at all since we finished the basement last summer (which has a much bigger and louder tv). I also considered using the guest bedroom as an office because it’s bigger, but I’d still like to reserve that room for down the road when the boys might decide they want to have separate bedrooms.

I’ve been spending some time this week making the space conducive for intense blogging seshes. I set up a new larger desk (aka plank of wood), got myself a black board for my daily to-do lists, definitely smudged some crystals, lit a candle once or twice, and bought a bunch of ridiculously pretty and unnecessary office items like those copper paper clips and a brass tape measure (seen above). I’m realizing that no matter how absurd, having a pretty work space really does matter. Didn’t know it, now I do. I’ll be sharing more next week.



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Birdie the Cat

Birdie our Maine Coon Kitten
About six weeks ago I became obsessed with the idea of adding a kitten to our little family. Gus and I had gone to the hardware store to pick something up, and we ended up meeting the hardware store’s newest employee, a tiny little gray cat named Grayson. Gus was so sweet and curious about the kitten, we stayed to pet and play with it for at least fifteen minutes. All of a sudden I felt like I needed to have the boys experience having a small animal to nurture and take care of.

A little FYI, we do have a cat named Nami, and she’s the sweetest old grandma cat you could ever meet. She sits out on our stoop every single day and watches the world go by, she’s kind to the boys, and she’s very good natured. But she is old, she sleeps a lot, and she just recently decided the boys were tolerable. Jeff and I brought her home from the humane society as a kitten nearly 13 years ago, we were young pups ourselves, and we were the ones that took care of her and built a solid cat/person relationship with her. Growing up Jeff and I both had dogs, and we appreciate the relationships that we had with those animals so much. We wanted our kids to have a pet companion that they could grow up with too.

I know how cats have a tendency to be jerks, we’ve had a lot of friends that have had rotten cats, and that was my biggest fear about getting a new cat. Especially since old Nam-ers was the sweetest ball of fur, I didn’t want to screw that up. If we were going to do it, we wanted a little insurance. I started looking online at specific cat breeds, and even taking a test or two. Over and over I would come across Maine Coons as a breed of cat that was famous for being loyal, family friendly, affectionate, social, and loving. They are known as the “gentle giants” and the “dog of the cat world” and that’s because they are the biggest domestic cat breed, getting as large as 20lbs and as long as 48″ including their tales. I love it! I’m sold. Where do I get one of these crazy-large, loving, dog-like cats?

Up north, that’s where. I found a breeder North of Bemidji (that’s almost in Canada, you guys), and sent her an e-mail to check if she had available kittens. She did, and I put down a deposit to reserve a kitten. She would be ready to pick up at 12 weeks old, which just happened to be last Monday. I made the 8.5 hour road trip to go pick up my cat, met the breeder in a Menards (midwestern big-box hardware store) parking lot, and was on my way home. It felt kinda shady to pay cash and hand off a cat, but also kind of adventurous too. The kids met her after I returned home and were immediately in love, and she fell in love with them too. We named her Birdie because it sounded like the right thing to call a soon-to-be giant cat.

She is already showing all the traits that her breed is famous for. She’s been very patient with how the kids hold (ahem, manhandle) her, she follows them around everywhere, she sits with them, she plays with them and she cuddles them. When they go to school I become Birdie’s sloppy seconds, and she will follow me around and keep me company throughout my day. She sleeps with the kids every night, and gets up with them first thing in the morning. It does my heart good to see these relationships forming.

Anyways, she’s our new cat, and we already love her so much (Nami is coming around).

Birdie our Maine Coon Kitten

Birdie our Maine Coon Kitten

Birdie our Maine Coon Kitten

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Entryway : Artwork

Crystal Art Work with Copper Frame
Now that the entryway is beginning to have a definite vibe, I was ready to pick out artwork. That was the easy the part, figuring out how to hang it has been way more challenging. I feel like I’ve gone on and on about how stumped I have been about this space, and I’m gonna keep going on about it, but the entryway as a space, is not conducive to any sort of cohesive design. This space has paralyzed me for six years — like I pretended the entryway didn’t exist, and that no one ever could see it, even though it was the first thing people would notice when entering our home. Then recently, I received a vision and now my entryway is actually looking kinda pulled together and nice. That is until this whole artwork hanging thing.

I hope you don’t hate that I am updating you with every little step along the way with this makeover, but it’s how I do. I know sometimes I like seeing the little steps in order to get a sense of the big picture and how it all comes together, and I hope you do too.

That brings me to artwork. I knew for sure that I was going to be getting this artwork from Minted. My pal Cam has this print in her house and I die over it every time I see it. Although it looks like an illustration it’s actually a photograph of a crystal (aka mineral) taken by Chicago duo, Baumbirdy. They have a sister print that goes along with it too, and I almost went for it and bought both, but the colors just weren’t doing it for me.

So where do I hang this gem? Damned if I know. Everything about the entryway is odd; the stairs, the bench, the piano window and the wall space. I could never figure out what it was that I should naturally be doing with the space. Do I hang multiple pieces of art, or just one, and should I go big or small, and should I center it on the horizontal alignment of the window even though it’s kind of absurdly high, or not. Holy balls, it has been killing me!

So I made a decision. I purchased one piece of 16″x16″ art with a copper frame, and I hung it right up there next to the window. It works, it’s not the worst, I did it.

Crystal Art Work with Copper Frame

Crystal Art Work with Copper Frame

+++ pillows +++
blush | chevron | b&w
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Entryway : Potentsch Rugs

+++ sources +++
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

Happy Friday, peoples! I am in desperate need of a medium sized rug for the front entryway. I’ve been looking for a solid two months now and have found a bunch of potential contenders, but every time I think I’ve found “the one” I find an even better rug somewhere else. The space needs a rug mostly for practical reasons. We need a spot for boots and shoes to go when we’re having folks over during the winter months, so it needs to be durable. It also needs to be cute, because it will help to unify the space (aka tie that shit together).

Anyways, right now I have heart eyes for number 5, but a week ago it was 16, and a little before that it was 9. You get the picture.

Hopefully something will just feel right soon, and hopefully that will happen the same time as some sort of amazing sale. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Simple Entryway with round mirror and midcentury dresser

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My Favorite Spray Paints

+++ Blush | Black | White | Copper +++

Hello, I love spray paint. I’ve never been afraid of buying an Ikea veneered dresser, brown outdoor furniture, orange clearance aisle lamps, or a yellow thrift store vase because it doesn’t come in the right color. BECAUSE, spray paint gives me the power to make all of the things all of my favorite shades of flat black, chalky white, pale pink or copper. I’ve come to have a steady supply of these four essential colors oh hand, at all times, no questions asked. I know it can be overwhelming to stare down that hardware store aisle and see an abundant amount of color, finish and brand options, Imma help you wit dat. As a bonus, I’ll pass a long a few tips for achieving a perfect finish. I’d like to think that I have developed a pretty solid method.


Choose a ventilated location. I almost always spray outside, if I have to, I’ll do it in the garage. I try and save projects for the non-winter months, but since you can’t always know when you need a spray paint fix, you can use a utility room or something similar for a quick project.

Which brings me to my next tip, spray paint doesn’t like the cold. Don’t spray paint outdoors in cold weather, k?

Use a cardboard box to prevent overspray. Don’t want your grass to sport a cool outline of whatever it is that you are painting? Then use that large cardboard amazon box as a spray booth, dummy.

A spray paint job doesn’t necessarily mean a quick job, take your time to apply thin even coats of paint.

Hold the spray paint can at least 10″ from the surface of your project, this is the easiest and best way to avoid drips.

Don’t hold the nozzle down! Spray in short quick bursts.

Keep the can in motion, don’t rest on one spot for too long or bad things will happen.

Clean the nozzle with a pin or towel at the end of each project. I can’t tell you how many cans of clogged up spray paint it has taken me to learn this lesson.



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