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Thinking About : Ideas for the Bedroom

Vintage Modern Bedroom Idea Board
Hello, happy Friday! I’ve been thinking hard about ideas for the very-much-in-the-future bedroom revamp and I wanted to share them with you. I need to do these weird exercises in design and inspiration so that I can stay focused on the prize. The sunroom (is essentially part of our bedroom) which you may remember was overhauled this spring. I totally love it now and we use the space all the time. However because the sunroom is looking all foxy and babelicious its making the bedroom look lame and boring. Something must be done.

The Sunroom
I am totally in love with the navy sofa and coral combo that I used in the sunroom, and would like to continue that idea in the bedroom – just in more subtle ways, emphasizing on neutral whites and grays. As always I love a nice marriage of modern pieces and vintage favorites, and have plans of accessorizing in rose golds and brass accents.

I have always adored wallpaper and it’s something I’ve always wanted to add to our bedroom. Wallpaper hasn’t happened yet because I haven’t stumbled upon the perfect pattern or had the perfect plan to have the balls to buy and install something. I’m getting there though :) In the past, we have wallpapered the vestibule and the music room. I really love having those bold patterns throughout the house and would like to continue patterning it up in our bedroom. I saw this very feminine and floral paper from Hygge & West a few weeks ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I don’t know if it will stay stuck in my brain as I continue on throughout the process but for now I really like the idea of it. I’ll have to convince Jeff that he likes it too – could be the hardest part of this whole reno.

What about having a real bed you guys? I told you earlier this week that our mattress currently rests on a broken bed frame and a pile of old books – so it’s time. I don’t have a specific bed in mind just yet, but I think we’d like to have something upholstered with legs as opposed to upholstered with no space underneath – I have no idea what the technical bed designers term for this is. Anyway, a real deal bed would be tyte.

We already have the black and white rug (from RugsUSA) and I’d like to have it stay in the bedroom. Check that off the list!

Okay, okay, so I’m still kind of obsessed with the functionality of the fauxdenza. We don’t have a library space or anything in our house, but we have a lot of books and have been keeping them all in our bedroom. Maybe that will change a bit as we have big plans of remodeling the basement over spring of 2015. For now though, we are in need of practical storage in the bedroom that doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. I’m actually thinking about installing a wrap-around-fauxdenza. Maybe overboard? I dunno. Would that would be to much ‘denza in one space? I am really liking the idea for now – we’ll see if it stays as time moves forward.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Here’s a sweet list of all the items shown above.

Floral Wallpaper
from Hygge & West
Upholstered Bed
from Crate & Barrel
Brass Sconce
from Cedar and Moss
Solid Bedding in Navy, Gray and Coral
Bertoia Arm chair in White
Brass Planter
from Ferm Living
Vintage Accessories such as a cool oscillating fan
Fauxdenza for Book Storage
Black and White Rug
from RugsUSA
Mid Century Nightstand
from West Elm
Modern Chest of Drawers
from Ikea
Desk Lamp
from Ikea
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Hey-a, Folks! I have a confession. For the last 4 or 5 months I have been a bad housekeeper. Keeping the house tidy used to be something I kinda actually enjoyed, but then things got busy. I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on the blog, gardening and hanging with the kids, avoiding the daily cleaning chores that used to bring me peace and calm. I especially avoided the deeper cleaning aspects of keeping a tidy home.

When we decided that I would stay home with the kids part of the arrangement was that I would be responsible for keeping the home (aka cleaning up). I know that kind of sounds old fashioned but the entire reason that I was staying home was so that I could be with the kids during the day, and it would allow us all more time together as a family on nights and weekends. I had been managing a restaurant for a long time, and those were not typical or family friendly hours. This was a chance for us to be together more often, and we wouldn’t have to spend our precious family time cleaning.

We just recently got a new vacuum and my love affair with keeping a clean home has been reignited. We had a long run with a more affordable hoover wind tunnel. It broke a few years ago and we spent almost as much money as it would have cost brand new to have it fixed, at the time we didn’t really have the dough to go out and buy a new vacuum. We promised that the next time the vacuum gave out we would use a little rainy day money and invest in something that would last. After much research and debate we decided on this Miele S6270 vac (not sponsored or anything b-t-dubs) and so far it’s been the best.

What I really like about it is that it does an awesome job cleaning the hardwood floors, and it’s easy to get under furniture. It even sucks up the little dust pieces along the edges of cabinets, dirt our old vac was to clunky to get at. I hardly use the broom anymore. I also love that it’s a canister vacuum and I can tuck it away in the mudroom cabinets instead of downstairs in the basement. Now it’s always within reach.

In celebration of the new ‘cuum, I decided to go back to an old tradition that I hold near and dear. Weekly chore to-do lists! I used to live and die by these things people. For me, having a list like this makes cleaning really easy and not so daunting of a task. Besides the laundry, most of these chores take me less than half an hour per day and leave me with a really happy and clean home that the fam and I enjoy being in. I’m back to the old tidy me!

Look, I love how it tucks into this cabinet! I’d love to hear your housekeeping tips, do you keep lists too, do you have an awesome method for keeping a tidy home? Lay it on me my Type A homies!

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Steel Tank Lurking Behind my Bedroom Wall
What up dudes? After a few long months of enjoying the summer weather and fully giving into the gardening bug I finally got the fire to start a new indoor house project.

Let me start at the beginning. In our entire adult lives Jeff and I have never had an adult-put-together bedroom. We have never had an actual bed, we only use a rickety bed frame and a pile books to hold up our mattress. We have a hodgepodge of furniture, much of it we have been carting around since we left our parents houses. After setting up the boys with super cool digs last fall I realized that they have a sweet bedroom, and we do not. Something was wrong with that picture.

I painted the bedroom back in 2012 – it’s a nice bright white space. The far back wall is made up of cheap paneling, I painted it black to help disguise it by absorbing the light and down playing it’s vertical grooves. I always knew the paneling was hiding something, why else would it be there? The paneling covers the back wall and then angles out in one corner. I’ve been curious to discover what is hidden behind that panel ever since we moved in. I knew it had to be trouble. After pounding on the walls I could hear a metal reverberation behind them. Since we don’t have duct work I had no idea as to what it could possibly be. I was hoping hard for some sort of sweet time capsule.

Last Friday morning I decided to solve the mystery. After feeding the kids some breakfast, something magical took over my body. I was possessed. I have a bad habit of starting projects by putting myself in do or die situations. I ran down to the basement, grabbed a crow bar, a hammer and a blade and headed back up to our bedroom to finally reveal the secrets of the corner wall. I got the panelling down in no time, discovered drywall beneath, and within minutes I was sitting face-to-face with a large steel, yellow, riveted tank, connected to what appeared to be the radiator system. The can of worms was opened, you guys. I was secretly kind of excited about it. My husband, who had no idea what I was up to, was not.

I had a visit from the radiator guy yesterday – he was hopeful that he could get my tank out that day, but after poking around a bit we discovered that the boiler system would have to be drained first before we could move the tank. Plus I’d have to remove some of the floor so he could access a connection joint to cap the pipe off. The good news is we can remove it! IT, is an old radiator pressure tank – in case you were wondering, and he’s never seen one hidden in a corner or on a second floor of a house before.

So how did it get there? From what I can deduce, that corner used to be part of a closet. I believe there was a closet on either side of the room, just like in the boys room. Someone removed the closet to make the bedroom bigger, and in doing so they had to figure out a way to cover up this tank, thus the angled corner.

Removing this tank and repairing the plaster walls, ceiling and moldings is going to be step uno in a two step process. Before I can move on to decorating our bedroom I need to be able to start at square one with a clean slate. In order to get there I will have to make my way through a giant to-do list.


REMOVE HARDWOOD FLOOR : I’m a little uneasy about doing this but it’s the best way to access the radiator pipe connection that needs to be capped off. The other option would be to access it from the dining room ceiling, which is covered in the hated popcorn texture. It would be too much trouble to patch the opening if we accessed it through the dining room.

REMOVE SUBFLOOR : I’ll have to remove the subfloor making sure I’m not chopping through any wires.

REMOVE TANK : This will involve having my radiator buddy come back to remove the tank. Hopefully no more worms will be opened during this process and all will go smoothly.

RE-INSTALL SUB FLOOR AND HARDWOOD : Hopefully I will be able to put everything back the way I found it.

SKIM COAT PLATER WALLS : Between the plaster hidden in the corner and the plaster in the rest of our room, there is a raised edge created by years of paint layers. I’ll have to do some research and figure out the best way to skim coat the corner and level this gap out.

DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT I SHOULD REMOVE THE POPCORN CEILING OR PATCH THE CORNER : This item is a big IF. Yes, I’d love to remove the popcorn ceiling or even drywall over it, but I’m afraid that it might be out of the cards. We are trying to work within a budget. I am worried that the popcorn ceiling contains asbestos, and in that case our only option would be to drywall over it. I want to do this at some point, and when that happens I’d like to do all the ceilings at once. Even though I hate the popcorn ceiling, the best option for right now might just be to patch it.

REPLACE CROWN & BASE BOARD MOLDING : There is only a shadow of the molding that existed at one time in this corner of the room. I am hopeful that I will find the same molding at a local salvage center, and paint it to match the rest of the room.

I’ve got my work cut out for me – big time. I’ll have to try and save a good chunk of this project for the fall and winter months even though I want to dive in now. I’ll be back later this week to share a “mood board” for the room – I need to have a prize to focus on. Wish me luck you guys, and if anyone has tips on removing hardwood floor, skim coating walls or opening large cans of giant worms, leave yer pal a comment :)

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Finn’s 6th Birthday

Guys, I may have been a little MIA this week. We’ve been busy celebrating the birthday of our young man, Finn. He’s six now you guys, that’s super old.

If you’ve been coming around this blog for awhile now you probably already know that Finn shares a birthday with his good buddy, Elsa, who turned 5 yesterday (also super old). Elsa and Finn have grown up together, they are the oldest kids of all our friends and thankfully they enjoy each others company because their parents hang out together all of the times. I babysat Elsa (daily) for a couple years, and she has practically become a member of our family. Anyways, Elsa totally skipped school yesterday and spent the day with Finn (so badass at 5). It was pretty awesome.

The kids started the day in a sweet royal-blanket-play-fort that somebody’s mom (a-hem) set up for them in the backyard. Pretend coffee and raisins anyone? These kids really know how to party.

We followed it up by a trip to the MOA (aka the mall of ‘merica) for Burger King and rides, because there is an indoor theme park inside of the mall! You guys, two words, “Mirror Maze”. It’s not part of Nickelodeon Universe, only the true heads know where to find it. Look for it the next time you are at the mall, you won’t regret it.

Later in the afternoon we made ice cream, set up a chill party scene in the backyard, lost a few balloons (don’t ask) and got prepared for a majorly awesome party by stuffing ourselves with the best frozen pizza in town, heggies. Super tyte.

Then there was the party, which all the neighborhood kids attended (ages 1-13). There were Doritoz given as presents (Grandma knows what her kids like), buck-wild lightsaber battles, more balloons and really intense and highly illegal Wisconsin-style sparklers.

It was an awesome birthday. I’m glad those kids let me be apart of it. Now to get ready for Gus’ b-day, T-minus 12 days.

Easy Cake Decorating - Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Chips!

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Gardening Basics : Dividing Perennials

Yo, Friends! Did you know that you can divide perennials? It actually often helps to keep your perennials healthy and has the added benefit of making new plants! I recently went through my garden and split off a chunk of my perennials for my good pal Nicole (aka Colz). She recently dug up a section of her yard to make a sunny perennial border garden – she needed some plants to help fill it in. I told her to come on over! I had some perennials that were getting big and in need of a good splittin’.

I have to tell you that I am not some all knower of everything garden, but I know a bit. I’ve split my perennials quite a few times, to fill in garden beds. Most of my my perennials have been divided from my mom’s garden and in the last few years I have done lots of splitting to help fill in my flower beds.

When I divide plants I begin by digging out the clump I want to divide. You don’t want to start right at the base of the plant, dig out from the base a good 8-12″. I use my big garden shovel and slowly begin to cut down through the soil and the pry upwards loosening the root system. Continue digging and prying around the circumference of the plant. The method is about 50% digging and 50% actual prying. I broke my shovel last week on an insanely oversized hosta. It takes a bit of muscle depending on the root system of the plant. Before you know it the plant will gently pop out of the ground.

Divide your plants on a cooler gray day to avoid undue stress from the heat and the sun.


Once you have the clump out of the soil, remove it from the garden. I usually have a small drop cloth that I move around the yard with me just to keep the lawn tidy and whatnot. I set the plant on the drop cloth and begin to divide the plant by looking for naturally grown sections. Check out the photo above. You can see how this heuchera has three naturally occurring sections. All of these can be divided to make new plants. I didn’t literally divide the plant in half either. I took a small section from the back and then divided that. This way I still had a decent sized plant to place back in my garden.

Sometimes you’ll run into a stubborn root system, it’s not always easy to separate those bad boys. You really need to put some muscle into it. Like all your muscles, especially when diving hostas. I have a tool that has a sharp edge (it’s like a knife shovel) I use it when I run into really tricky root systems.

Prepare your divisions for replanting by putting them in a container and packing them in fresh soil, this is especially important if you aren’t able to get to planting them the same day. Keep them well watered. When replanting make sure to amend the soil with compost and plant them to the same depth that they were in before.

There are some perennial ground covers like lamium and stonecrop that have very shallow root systems. In this case you don’t need to dig the entire thing out, just pop a chunk out of the ground and replant.

Perennials such as peony and iris like to be planted and divided in the fall, but most things can be divided as long as the plant appears to be healthy and strong. Do a bit of research before diving right in.

Better Homes and Gardens put a nice list together of how often you can divide certain perennials – you can see it below. Check out this great article for even more tips!

Leave These Be:
Bleeding heart (Dicentra)
Butterfly weed (Asclepias)
Christmas rose (Helleborus)
Gas plant (Dictamnus)
Lavender (Lavandula)
Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale)
Peony (Paeonia)


Divide Only Every 3-4 Years
Bee balm (Monarda)
Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)
Daylily (Hemerocallis)
Purple coneflower (Echinacea)
Siberian iris (Iris sibirica)


Divide Only Every 2-3 Years
Blanket flower (Gaillardia)
Clustered bellflowers (Campanula glomerata)
Lamb’s ears (Stachys)
Yarrow (Achillea)
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