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Bathroom Plan : Take Two

Hey Team, How’s it going? Welp, here I am, still talking about my dang basement bathroom again. I’m sorry, I’m that jerk that just can’t follow through. Now I’m ready though, I’m really seriously ready.

My plan is slightly different than the last time around. Before I was committed to black matte penny tile on the floor, and this 2.0 version includes some dark blue flooring options. I just sat down last night and pounded out a solid budget, and we’re going to see this bathroom through this time! Please allow me to refresh your memory… Last year we had the basement remodeled, and by that I mean completely gutted and rebuilt. There had always been a bathroom in the basement but it was tiny and gross, and nothing you would actually take a shower in (believe me, we didn’t). Our main focus was just the basement last year, our budget only stretched so far. Our basement plans however did include having the plumbing roughed in, the bathroom framing done, dry wall installed, concrete shower pan laid, electric run, exhaust fan inserted, and cement board in the shower. Right now it functions as a large dark toilet room.

So you know where I am going with this. I am ready to get the ball rolling on the tiling (so much tiling), sink, faucet and shower head install, and constructing built-in storage. As soon as I whip out all the stuff we can have this bathroom functioning as our guest bath/boys’ bathroom. Guest bath because we don’t have a powder room on the main floor, and boys’ bathroom because someday I’d like have to have the 2nd floor bathroom be a dedicated adults only zone.

There are a few design things in the bathroom that I know will happen, for one, we will be installing a Kohler Brockway sink with two faucets. I had my worker dudes rough in the plumbing and add lots of framing and supports within the walls to hold the weight of that babe-of-a cast iron sink. All the detail stuff is there, I just need the sink. Kohler makes them new, which is great as a fall back, but I’d love to run into a vintage version so that I could save a little scratch. I could see this taking down our 4k budget by at least 10%-15%, so it would be super great if we could magically find one. I’ve been hunting the local salvage shop every month this summer and haven’t found it yet. So if you know where I could find one, throw a gal a bone!

Other things I know about: I will be hanging two pendant lights on either side of the sink. It will be way too pretty to be a boys bathroom, but pretty enough for the guests who might have to use it. I’ll either purchase them direct from Rejuvenation, or maybe I’ll try and make my own pendant wonderfulnesses.

Lastly, there will be subway tile! I went back and forth on this, but now that I am beginning to lock in what may be the most wonderful blue floor ever, a simple subway tile with black grout seems like it would be a nice compliment. Yeah guys, the floors. So I am thinking real hard about tiling the floors with a dark navy concrete hexagon tile! Oh my gad, couldn’t it be the best? I want more dark blue in the basement and I think the bathroom floor could be the perfect spot for it.

The question is, can I handle installing cement tile? I’m a little scared, but I’ve been scared of doing stuff before and I’ve managed to come out on top. I think I can do this. The hexagon cement tile is from It is polished and sealed before they ship it, so the finish will hold up better during the install. It still needs to be sealed in the end, but I like the security blanket of having the tiles come with some protection before they are handed off to me. I’ll have to make all the cuts with a tile saw, which is fine – I’ve got some pals that can lend me theirs! But I have no idea how they handle being cut, do they chip easily, will it take me all the cuts to get it right? Tell me if there are there things I should know about before sending all my money through the wires of the internet to a tile company far far away to receive a special tile that I have never used before? If anyone out there has experience with cement (aka encaustic tiles), please let me know. I’d love to be told a thing or two.

The project right now is hinging on what I decide for the floor tile, once I fully commit, I can order the tile, wait 8-10 weeks and then begin the install. See it’s just so easy (not really). After that I can knock out the subway tile on the walls, find and install that sink, learn to be a plumber, build shelving, and wire up lighting.

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New Chair Don’t Care

Armless Side Chair in Indigo
Friends! We decided to celebrate the basements first birthday by giving it a new side chair — just what every one year old basement wants! Honestly, it didn’t go down like that. It was my intention to have a mid-century orange swivel chair reupholstered in a dark blue (that was about a year ago). However, doing something like that takes initiative and action, and it was obvious that we (I) were not showing one sign of follow through. Clicking internet buttons is just way easier. So, it was decided that purchasing a side chair would be better than waiting to see how long it would do to do the former. We are lazy jerks.

We were in need of something that offered comfortable seating, had a narrow profile (since we were limited on space), was affordable, and armless would be best. After eying all the chairs all over the internet, I became smitten with the bludot Field chair. As things that are well designed often are, it was WAY out of the price range. Lucky for us, West Elm has a chair with very similar lines for a fraction of the cost.

I’m pretty excited about the chair, it does a lot for the space. It adds the slightest bit of color, which was needed badly. I love all the black and white, but I like it even better with a little blue. The speckled indigo fabric did it for me, and I’m already getting real good at pushing buttons and swiping screens, so that there can be dark blue pillows and throws to compliment the chair. The chair also helps to break up the long narrowness of the space. Furnishing a 28′ x 12′ has been a tricky design dilemma, so I’m way for things that help to break up the longnessesosities. Oh, and it offers a place to sit, so super functional – sitting is a function!

Also, that little fan rules. We ordered it from Amazon at the beginning of the summer to help keep us cool on the front porch, since then we’ve ordered the large one as well and now they both keep us chill in the basement where we have no A/C. Highly recco.

Anyways, because I look at the internet a lot, I thought I’d post a few of my fav blue chairs that came up while I was searching for the basement’s b-day gift.

Blue Side Chair Roundup

+++ chair sources +++
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Armless Side Chair in Indigo

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Entryway Makeover : DIY Copper Plant Stand

Minimalist Copper Planter - DIY
Hey Guys! Hope all is well with yas. I’ve been doing a little webhost rearranging over here, and haven’t had access to the site for the last few days. I’d appreciate it if you could please let me know (in the comments) if you notice any weird hiccups with the site. Thanks in advance on that one :)

Okay fools, so I’ve initiated phase two of my DIY craziness. Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of DIY when it comes to home decor. I should rephrase that, I like it when it’s done well, which I think is rarely seen on the old interwebs – I’m talking to you pinterest – and therefore most of the time it makes me wanna barf. So now I’m kind of putting myself out there, but I’ve been feeling like I’ve come up with some worthy DIY pro-jez.

So when I had my celestial vision of the entryway design a few weeks ago, there were parts that I needed to incorporate (like the mirror) and a mid-century style planter (that cost more money than I had to spend). Because the vision required these elements I had to come up with a better, smarter, easier, CHEAPER way of achieving them. I already shared the mirror with you guys last week, and today I’m gonna show you how I made my DIY version of a mid century (turned minimalist) plant stand for merely 17 bucks. You be the judge of how crafty vs cool it is.

DIY Minimalist Copper Planter

DIY Minimalist Copper and Wood Dowel Plant Stand
This was a pretty easy build. Besides the dowel and copper pipe fittings all you need is some all purpose glue (I used Liquid Nails) and a saw (a hand saw would work fine). For my planter I used this tall matte black planter from Ikea – which I love. It even comes in different silhouettes, and I will be purchasing all of them to satiate my plant addiction. Anyways, you would want to change the the length of the second set of four dowels (marked here as the 2″ size) if you were to use a different planter.

You’ll want to take the 8 – 1 1/8″ dowels, the 4 elbows and 4 Tees to make the square base. Use a q-tip to apply the glue to the inside of the pipe fittings. After completing the square attach the 4 – 2″ dowels to the 4 Tees using the glue (as seen below). Lay the base flat to dry for at least an hour. Attach the remaining 4 Tees to the ends of the 2″ dowels with glue and allow them to dry vertically for at least an hour. While the glue is drying add the 8 caps to one end of each remaining dowel. Allow the caps to dry. Lastly attach all the 6″ dowels to one side of the planter and the 7 1/2″ dowels to the other side. Take care to make sure all of the vertical dowels are plumb. Allow to dry over night before setting the planter inside the plant stand.

DIY Minimalist Copper and Wood Dowel Plant Stand

DIY Minimalist Copper and Wood Dowel Plant Stand

DIY Minimalist Copper and Wood Dowel Plant Stand
Alright pals, I still have one last DIY up my sleeve. I’ll be sharing soon!

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My July Garden

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

I can not even believe that it’s time to share my July Garden. Holy smokes, what a summer! It’s especially been a great summer for the kids, which is what I had hoped for, I think they’ve enjoyed it, and I feel insane. Like I’ve said, August is gonna rip in the not-having-much-to-do department.

My goal for this years gardening season was to focus on having more late summer blooming flowers, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that. There is always tweaking that needs to be done, but it feels like it’s getting there. Last year I planted two Clematis on the fence hoping to fill in the gaps where we can see clearly into the neighbors yard. Last year the Clematis bloomed once and then nothing, I was disappointed because it was advertised as a continuous bloomer. This year the Clematis bloomed in the spring and then nothing, and I was bummed yet again. Hold up! Just this week I noticed that they are re-blooming, uh, Yay-yer! Also, as a note to myself : Scoops, one of your Clematis is struggling, so make sure not to pull it out this fall or next spring, k?

I added a climbing rose to the garden which I am super excited about. I planted it near our Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea tree, and am hoping to train it to grow back along the fence. We have a concrete pad near our garage and there isn’t much dirt-for-growing-things available along the fence because of it, so I’m really hoping this rose does the task of filling in. The rose will be most prolific in the mid-late spring and then will re-bloom sporadically throughout the summer. Oh, and did I mention that it has the prettiest light peach colored flowers?

I also planted some Astilbe, this will be my second attempt at growing Astilbe in my garden, I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but they just don’t seem happy in my yard. I planted 5 new plants, three of which are this barely pink Delft Lace variety and two of which are a smaller raspberry colored variety. All of the plants leaves are browning and curling and I think they all hate me. I guess we’ll see what next spring brings. If they do come back, they will be blooming in July and August, and that would be great for me.


Globe amaranth & Kangaroo Paw

Because of the photoshoot earlier in July, I had the luxury of planting quite a few different types of annuals in the gardens to add some color where it was lacking. One of my favorite combinations is right on the corner of the garage, and consists of two of these light pink Kangaroo Paw and one Globe Amaranth. I purchased the plants right at the end of annual season and got everything 50% off. I’ll have to remember that for next year, because I really like the look of these two right here in this spot.




Sun Garden

I’ve been especially good when it comes to watering this year, and it shows.


Deft Lace Astilbe w/ Climbing Rose


Japanese Painted Fern



First of the season.


Alley Zinnias

I’ve started planting my Zinnias out by the Alley because it get so much sun there and they love it. Plus these ones grow pretty tall and they help to make the garbage cans feel not so garbage-y.




Peach Day Lily


White Lily

How do you guys feel about Hosta flowers? I’m on the fence? I keep the prettier white orchid looking ones, but cut back a lot of the purple. They tend to look a bit spindly, and I prefer a more manicured look. ‘Dats just me.


Sun / Shade Garden


Blue Creeping Sedum & Heuchera

At the start of the spring I bought two packs of creeping blue sedum that I had never seen for sale before. I had high hopes for them, and now that they are beginning to take off and grow, I really love them, especially pared next to that purple Heuchera leaf.

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DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper
Guys, Who am I? Two posts in one day? FTW!

Like I said, I’ve been brimming with ideas for the house. The first was to customize this round mirror from Ikea. Unlike so many other mirrors the Skogsvåg mirror from Ikea was the perfect size for my small space. At 18″ wide it fit this odd shape created by our staircase just perfectly. Plus the frame of the mirror is made from wood so it makes it easy to modify, unlike some of it’s metal framed counterparts. Also, did I mention the price, $39.99 – a deal as far as mirrors go.

My go-to copper metallic spray paint is from Rustoleum, it does an amazing job of actually looking like copper, and I feel completely confident that when I use it, shit will look cool. I kinda went a little nuts and spray painted the buttons on my twemco flip clock too, oops. I’ve been pinning and pining for a round mirror for my house for a long time, I just couldn’t find one that was exactly what I was looking for, and for the price I wanted to pay. After searching around for a bit I found this pretty natural leather strapping, and bought a bunch of it (I have a few other ideas in mind for this as well). The leather is 1 1/2″ wide and sits perfectly flush against the sides of the mirror. And since the mirror is made of wood, it was easy to tack on using upholstery nails. More details on the mirror assembly below.

I invested in a gaggle of pillows for our entry bench (aka radiator cover / built-in bench). You can see a peak of them in the above pic, and I’ll be sure to share more later. They have made the space! Below are the links to the cushions spotted above :)

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

+++ sources +++
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Spray Paint The Mirror
Tape off the mirror with painters tape – I used thin sheets of newsprint from the telephone book to mask as well as the tape. There was a bit of overspray on the mirror and I cleaned it up easily with nail polish remover.
Cut Leather To Length
Cut your leather strap with a sharp scissors to the desired length
Attach the strap
Attach the leather on each side of mirror centered on the leather. Use a hammer to gently tap the tack into place.
Drill Hole for Finial
Determine the location of the finial on the wall, drill a pilot hole and use a small anchor to attach it to the wall.
Hang the mirror
I hung the mirror on both the finial and the support hook on the back of the mirror.

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper

DIY Round Leather Strap Mirror in Copper
I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and sharing a few more tricks and ideas for transforming this space. See ya soon!

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