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Considering Outdoor Lighting

Now that our house is freshly painted dark blue it’s becoming glaringly apparent how worn and outdated our outdoor lighting is. I would really like to replace a few of the outdoor wall sconces before the cold creeps in. I’ve been searching online lately and have been drawn to more modern options. Our house is over 100 years old but I think some modern lighting might look really good. Affordability is the main ingredient here but I did include a few more expensive options too, just cause I like ’em. Here are a few of my favorite lights.

1. White Outdoor Convertible Wall Sconce @ Lighting Direct : $86.64
2. Black Flood Light @ Lowes : $58.00
3. Outdoor Sconce in Matte Black @ Affordable Lamps : $350.00
4. Marine style White Outdoor Light @ Home Depot : $116.46
5. White Outdoor Wall Mounted Light @ Lowes : $56.00

Have you updated your lighting recently? Where did you purchase your lights? Do you have an old house like me, what style lighting do you have on them? I’d love to know.

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  • Angela August 27, 2012

    Nice…I’m actually feeling #5 the most, and it’s affordable!

    • Scoops August 27, 2012

      I like 5 too, I also like #1 and for flood lights of course #2. We have 5 different lights we have to replace, 3 on the garage, one on the side door, and flood lights over the back door.

      Hope you guys had a sweet weekend in chi-town, looked like a blast.

  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com August 30, 2012

    We recently installed this $30 light from Menards in the entryway of our 1926 Dutch Colonial Revival. http://www.menards.com/main/lighting-fans/indoor-lights/pendants/vintage-15-inch-factory-pendant-white/p-1781015-c-6357.htm It has an industrial-modernness about it, but it is plain, shiny and streamlined and seems to fit. I love it a lot, so much that I might do another in the kitchen. If you pick the right mod fixture it creates a thoughtful contrast on an old house. I love embracing an old home’s history and neat features and also adding things that fit and that bring it into the present.

  • Sarah September 17, 2012

    Aw yeah! This little source list you’ve conjured up is EXACTLY what I need right now. I need the traditional outside of the house to start matching the modern interior without seeming out of place. Don’t be too shocked if you see #5 greeting you at my front door! Thanks Scoops:)

    • Scoops September 19, 2012

      I need to come see your house ASAP! When can we stop by?

  • Sanju kmr February 11, 2013

    Really nice post …and thanks for sharing price

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