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Bathroom Dreamin’

Alright, I’m diving right into my first fall project. One of my readers asked last March why I hadn’t done any bathroom updates and that got me thinking… Why hadn’t I?

Our house has two bathrooms, one is located on the 2nd floor, and is shared between all the bedrooms. The other in the basement, the scary, scary, spidery basement. It’s reserved only for late night parties when we need to keep the upstairs quiet for the kids. The 2nd floor bathroom was updated by the previous owners within the last 10 years, unfortunately they used cheap tile, glass blocks and really awful light fixtures, I can barely stand the way it looks. The important thing is that it functions, and that has been enough for us over the last 2.5 years, until now.

So, it’s official, the upstairs bathroom is next on my list of things to tackle this fall! Like I said, it is 100% functional and since we do not have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at it right now, I’ll try chucking less than a grand at it (hopefully less than $500 if I’m a good shopper) and we’ll see what happens.

There are a few things that I would like to incorporate into the room. First, I have been sitting on a gallon of paint from Farrow & Ball in Arsenic green, I love the color! Originally I thought I might use it for painting furniture but am now considering it in the bathroom. Two-thirds of our bathroom is tiled from the floor up, allowing the walls to handle a stronger color like Arsenic, I think it could work. Secondly, I picked up 6 striped cabinet drawer knobs at Anthropolgie last spring when they were on mega sale and I’d like to incorporate those too because I love them.

I started window shopping and have been playing around with textiles and accessories that I’ve found online. We also plan on updating the fixtures, replacing the towel bars and hardware, and adding a new round mirror. I’m really liking where it’s headed and I think the accessories are starting to tie the green walls, and striped knobs together. As any project goes, nothing is set in stone but I’ve come up with a reasonable guide to follow.

What do you think? Check out my shopping guide below for more on the plan.

  Wata Waffle BathTowels $60 – Calvin Klein
  Reversible Yellow Hand Towel $10 – Crate & Barrel
  Racing Stripe Knob $9 – Anthropologie
  Towel Hook – Home Depot
  24 inch Towel Bar $32 – Home Depot
  Feather Gray Striped Shower Curtain $39 – West Elm
  Contour Double Sconce $79 – West Elm
  Contour Semi Flush Fixture $69 – West Elm
  Danze Almafi 4 inch Faucet $181 – Home Depot
  Pleated Stripe Bath Mat $29 – West Elm
  Grundtal Mirror $40 – Ikea
  Honeycomb Bath Accessories $12 – West Elm


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  • Emily @ Peck Life September 5, 2012

    I LOVE the color combo for this (and your drawings too!) Little changes in a bathroom can make such a huge difference! :)

    • Scoops September 5, 2012

      Thanks Emily, I’ve had so much fun playing with my new stylus and my ipad, it makes drawing fun and easy!

  • Janelle@5053 September 5, 2012

    Well I guess I like it because my bathroom is VERY similar in color!!


    Can’t wait to see the progress!

    • Scoops September 5, 2012

      Wow, yeah it is. Is your shower curtain from West Elm too? Thanks for doing the hardwork for me, now I can see what this sucker looks like before I put the elbow grease in.

  • Cam September 5, 2012

    Yes! That color is going to look great! I love the yellow with it as well. Are you going to do subway tile?

    • Scoops September 5, 2012

      Maybe some day I will install the subway tile. I decided that it was probably too much to take on right now. I ran to the hardware store yesterday and picked up some grout cleaner and that makes a world of difference already. Everything looks fresh and white.

  • Matt September 6, 2012

    Hey Scoops! AWESOME ILLUSTRATIONS. You rule.

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